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  1. Hereby I am sharing my proposal for the theme idea. I would like to underline the fact that I'am not certain whether everything I have composed is compatible to the plot. Talar, the Generous, the Investor. Once the pride of Orokin era engineers. Designed to put an end to thieves and tricksters ravening upon the Orokin Empire. Master of maths & law, the right-hand man of the treasury, vault keeper and the only true taxman of his time. Possessing the power to judge, put fines or send in forced labor anyone who would try to come around the bills or duties, using brute force or taking advantage of the simple human grid, he was fulfilling his mission, leaving no one unpunished. Orokin lords were unsatisfied by the fact that they were targeted by their own servant, but Ballas hadn’t even thought about a change, the benefit of the treasury was his benefit. Every ducat counted, every invest marked, every debtor charged but treasury felt light as nothing would change. Nothing? From many feet below, you could hear subdued, cheerful noise. Laugh of the children and elders of colonies, grateful for the gift of hope. Their pantries have been found full of juicy meat, flavoury herbs, and delicious plants. Not only were settlement leaders able to pay taxes but fulfill the productivity standards of the taxman as well. May it be. Is it possible that a machine, made to remain order has revolted? The same day lords figured out who was scheming behind their backs, Talar disappeared, but he hadn’t left without a goodbye to his masters. Orokin treasury was left light as the air filling it from top to the bottom. Not even one ducat left. They started searching for the thief in the entire Orokin System. For the smallest piece of evidence. The tiniest one. No one has found any. Then the great war broke out and Orokin Era came to an end. But even though the scream and cry of conflict you could hear people laughing and feasting with their families. Even today, after the old war. You can hear about help coming from nowhere, credits filling pockets of those in need, debts paid off during the single night. Tenno, if you listen closely to the sound of the void and reach through space radiation, the voice of engines and radio noises, you might hear little cling - a delicate metallic sound of a golden coin. If he tosses it to you, would you catch it, Tenno? I hope you will find my work suitable and inspiring.
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