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  1. You are right. It makes no sense to change IGN just to harass, but it makes a lot of sense to hide your outrun goodwill. I posted this for protecting myself from trading with suspicious account... and I believe many ppl block for the same reason:
  2. He went offline because after changing alias, IGN was not refreshed. so he had to relog. I have no idea why the last msg still showed his old alias although atm he was already acocio1. This is just for testing the blocking mechanic, because testing this is costy.. although everyone who is curious can test themselves will come into the same result.
  3. It is much more about just scam or harassment. Tbh I never thought of the "harass and report" when I posted this. I am a riven trader and I block players who I suspect as risky, namely they are possibly involved in rmt. Their platinum are possibly recalled by DE in the future. If they give you these bad platin, DE will recall them from your account, by the time when DE recalls and you don't have enough on your account, you will be banned due to having negative platin. That is why I block them and never want to have in touch with these "suspicious" accounts again. Some rmt traders change their ID regularly once their goodwill runs out. 200pl is nothing compared to build/buy another high MR trade-trustworthy account. It has nothing to do with the "unlikely" or "likely", it is the fact and it is unreasonable. When we ignore a player we want to ignore this person instead of just an ID. This is why we ignore players right? Or when you ignore an ID you are fine thinking: alright if he changes IGN we can be friends again?
  4. It also means, if the one you are blocking changes IGN, and some newbie uses his old IGN, you are now blocking this innocent newbie...
  5. Which means, if a blocked player changes his IGN, you are not blocking him anymore. You two can chat and trade like all other randoms again. Proofs see link, for those who do not want to waste platin to test themselves. Please change this DE
  6. Please consider letting other fire rate mods affect the secondary fire rate. The mod is mostly just for fun without recoil reduction. Make it funnier-for those who want to shoot at insane rate, and make it more useful-for those who want lower fire rate to negate the recoil, have better control, use ammo more efficiently and kill more enemies with the alt mode. I would think that you don't want it when we build a normal grakata, we must consider carefully the fire rate if the fire rate interacts with the alt mode. Wild Frenzy is a gimmick for a second of fun, ideally another reason for us to take grakatas with us into missions. We should shoot with main mode, and from time to time we use the alt mode to kill tougher enemies. But... if we ever want to mod fire rate on a grakata- either make it higher or lower, it means we want to change it to a desirable level instead of the default one. Similarly, why shouldn´t we be able to change the rate on the alt mode? After all, all the fire rate mods, compared to the scale from Wild Frenzy, is way less influential to the alt fire rate (unless you purely build for fire rate for all the 8 slots, most of time we use only 1-2 fire rate mods on a build, which is almost nothing against the 400% of Wild Frenzy) But when we do want to make a difference, -72% or +150% fire rate on main build would also do change the feeling for the alt fire rate. There are a lot of mods to increase fire rate while very few which decrease fire rate. When other fire rate mods affect the secondary fire rate, compared to the maxed +400% from Wild Frenzy, it seems that it would be much more effective and easier when you build alt fire into an insane laser burster than a slower but stabler attack rifle. Nevertheless, without a riven you can reduce up to 72% fire rate. 400%-72%=328%, basically a rank 4 Wild Frenzy but returns 100% ammo (and also benefits from increased cc and reduced recoil from the two fire rate reducing mods). This reduction will become more effective the lower rank Wild Frenzy is. At rank 0: 200%-72%=128% and returns 25% ammo, sounds nice right? With rivens, there would be even more possibilities. But I admit.. who wants to lower fire rate on a grakata anyways? So, let us increase it- with Wild Frenzy and other fire rate mods including rivens, we can make it up to more than +800%, why not ? Fixed alt fire rate sounds arbitrary, considering that one can have only one Wild Frenzy for free, either they have to live with one fixed alt fire rate for good, either they must purchase more Wild Frenzy to use alt fire at different rate. And for those who want to go crazy, +400% is surely not enough. In this way, unless technically impossible, I don't really see a reason to not allow this, it is even not explicitly written on Wild Frenzy's description- why shouldn't the change in fire rate work as expected ?
  7. I guess because this boosts the need for platinum and yea. More players will pay to top up more. DE might check trades that got reported or when something abnormal got detected. But after all, free market it is. I suppose they react now cuz there’s a outcry and before it was not so intense maybe. I don’t really use semlar because it can’t give much apart from super basic riven price guidance. And I don’t really care about it personally. If this new coop may justify some 100k+pl riven trades, I hope your friend could get unbanned if they didn’t do anything else wrong.
  8. you know, they have just accumulated so much platin and have no idea how to make use of them anymore. The result is that true good rivens are soaring into space in price. We all know that right.
  9. Unrolled rubico cc/cd/ms -zoom All s grades. Bid started from 80k, at ~150k traders were in line to pay. Original post (in Chinese) about this trade was deleted. It happened in Feb. I did not expect it to be deleted. Trading screenshot was not publicly available. So I do not have any proof. This riven was listed on riven.market few days after the post for a super short while at 99,999pl by a player (probably just wanted to show off). I do not want to disclose his ID here, because I do not have anything against him. ID listed here might lead to unnecessary troubles. Knowing recent trade prices for godly rivens I know this is totally reasonable for traders that have too much platin to squander. Again, up to you to believe it or not.
  10. Let me tell you what I know. Plenty of traders have bought 2nd, 3rd or even more accounts for real money and only very few created them by themselves due to the riven trade MR8 restriction. They store their rivens and platinum among different account and some even do not use same IP address to log in. This is risk diversification and it is totally worth it. I am active on riven.market. I know most active big dealers there by name, including you. Maybe you know me too. I monitor their listed rivens and when I find them suspicious, such as 100% godly rivens or listing too many at one time as you said, I bl them. I have blacklisted many big traders because I know trade is not happening between us anyways, and also because I know many of them involve in real money trading, I treasure my own account and do not want to interact with their risky accounts in any means. I did not know that you monitored on riven.market to filter suspicious players, but I find this good. This also explains that recently I have noticed many "new registers" on riven.market which started by selling rivens for few thousands. I do not believe one individual player is able to start on riven.market with 99% god rivens for 2000-10000pl each. If you track their ingame profile, they are mostly either clanless or belong to a shadow clan. I believe they are side accounts for big traders. All this kinds of accounts go to my bl as soon as I find them. P.s. you are not on my bl because what you sell looks like a regular player.
  11. The price for good rivens is getting ridiculous. I know many rivens that were traded at ~50k-450k pl and can not believe they were just all fair trade only for the value of the riven itself. Most trades that go over 1k pl in value contain rivens. I’ve been thinking, What about rising trade tax exponentially? E.g., per trade, 1-1000 pl has 500 credits per pl, 1001-5000 pl has 1000 credits per pl, 5001-10000 pl has 2000 credits per pl, and 10001-15000 has 4000 credits per pl, etc. basically every 5000 pl will double the trade tax than before. Would this discourage player to trade huge amount of platinum per trade or would this encourage them to turn to RMT? I know the price should be up to seller and buyer themselves. But if you think that a riven worth more than 20k pl and actually traded at that price is completely normal and common, we are not the same kind of players. Edit: There are indeed more platin inflows during the last few months. We did not see others tradables price rising but only rivens. This is some weird kind of "targeted inflation". It would be nice if there is a more efficient way to recycle the platin back to the market. I also propose (ir)regular riven disposition adjustments. So many weapons are out there with 5 dispositions while nobody cares to use them at all. Also so many weapons got their dispositions lowered over and over again yet they are still super popular. What about remove the current disposition range and just allow indefinite adjustments? If Hind has +1000% dmg it might also become useful? Adjust based on the use rate so that more weapons will get their love?
  12. If their resources drops outperform other missions that give same resources, no one will do other missions. In the end we result in a similar situation like credit farming: Seimeni for lowends and Index for highends. This is not necessarily bad, players always optimally allocate their activities. Essential problem is if this resource has a proper drop rate overall. Bosses are all immune to some dmg mechanisms in one way or another, this makes sense considering that if they are not so, then they are no different from those non-bosses. I expect more fine tuning to come to make bosses better fit their title. It would still be better to give immunities some justification tho
  13. if the Old mate rank is necessary for spider hunting, can we get at least an option to close Solaris people's belly vent if we reach that rank pls? This is way different than Cetus as something has fundamentally and irreversibly changed in Fortuna at this rank which is not critical to gameplay but critical to visual experience. Edit: or please consider a way to lower Cetus and Solaris rank just like normal syndicates
  14. I get it that new time consuming tasks come with the intention to bring back old players and give them new stuff to do. But you know it’s (almost) not happening when you already have 1000-2000h time on record. Most old players get online and see what’s new, try it then leave again. Large portion of players cant stay with this game for 1 year or invest thousands of hour into it (yet still impossible to experience full non-cosmetic content by the time they quit). It’s even worse and discouraging for new players realizing infinite mandatory grinding time laying ahead. This was okay when total content was not much, but not okay when more and more contents are coming in. Grinding is good, but don’t overdose them. The intention is good, but nowadays in this fast cycle of vid game industry, trying to retain players by forcing them to excessively grind is not smart. Besides new contents, cosmetics and explorative ways of playing is what I see a better way to retain players.
  15. With more and more content added in, I would say please consider players who have no time but money. Make more non-cosmetics tradable or purchasable, such as focus and certain untradable standing/standing rewards. This game has already enough time-only content progresses that force players to invest time( e.g. mastery rank, map unlock, quest process etc.) we don’t need more.
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