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  1. Resource boosters should affect murmurs, would make the grind a little better!
  2. LMAO I get to read his comments whenever I am on. It’s funny how many people were also expecting this avatar
  3. That’s not how that works at all. I will find all the rooms now. I bet there is one for Cy once he arrives
  4. So you’re saying those transmissions on the screen have a room they’re playing from? Like, I could find a lotus room in my dojo if I was lucky?
  5. Does anyone know the secret to finding this room? I know a few people who have found the secret room in their dojo’s where you venture outside our rooms barrier and land inside a large square with a bright light/ordis figure inside but cannot seem to find it myself. There is a section in my dojo that I am unable to build large rooms on any floor anymore but venturing around in the abyss in these areas hasn’t found me the room.
  6. I wish: Forma Bundles GT: Kuljack Ill be looking for X1 players 😉 Hopefully there are some skins for hitting milestones this year, always a nice mechanic to push people but let’s feed some kids regardless Tenno!
  7. That’s where differences come into play. I don’t use his 2 at all really. Mostly because a 4[hold]+3[spam] combo is just a lot of fun.
  8. Agreed, I can reason with the AFK prevention but for solo runs this was a nice experience having run about while I kicked but as an operator. Should have tied it to player activity, may have been more work to do so but this would have been a better product for us as the consumer.
  9. Honestly his 2 needs removed for a DR ability like ‘power armor’ or something. My Vman needs more survivability than relying on CC
  10. I brought him out last night to get my finishers in NW taken care of and noticed when I would jump to operator, he reloads the guns now and after a little while he sits down even at full health. Before, he didn’t reload and would stay by me throughout a mission. Wondering if this was a fluke or an intended change recently?
  11. I look forward to the Nekros Unvault. That armor set is gonna be a sure buy for me!
  12. Has the price of accessories ever been considered for reduction? $19.99 for one pack of 200p and 1 syandana and 1 sugatra feels steep. As a big fan of the game and the fashion element, I want these things but as often as I change my look - I fear spending $20 on this when I won’t always use it is hard to justify. If they were each $10 I would think people would be quicker to reason the price and you would make more sales, and then we might even buy both for that same price. I definitely want to support the game and buy your groceries, but I also want to feel like I’m spending money wisely.
  13. *Playing the Worlds smallest shawzin* Unfair? The cert process takes time. They never set a time that this content would make it to consoles. We have always had to wait for tennogen and sometimes it takes time to work it out with the author. If anything, with all the parameters it’s absolutely fair. You should be used to the wait, it’s nothing new. We are getting a lot of content here and that’s great!
  14. @[DE]Megan I just got a prompt that warframe needed an update, and closed game. I saw no update needed but now I can’t log into the game. I have refreshed game three times. Anyone else having issues getting on? Nevermind, 7th worked.
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