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  1. Big fan of the game, had some questions for Dojo related content. 1. Will we see more architectural items added to existing tabs? There are a lot of pieces found on corpus, grineeer and orokin tilesets that would do wonders for our dojo creations. I’m thinking about the corner pieces for angled staircases, more grineee gear like structures, corpus items from the new tilesets. 2. Will items +/- range ever be expanded? There are several pieces that cannot shrink from their spawned stare and even that one grineer piece that trying to change it size converts it to a massive size that cannot return to its original size without spawning a new one. Grineer pipes are a great example of a piece that would be nice to reduce smaller to attach them to other pieces that can be shrunk further and also to look more realistic. There are orokin pieces that it would be nice to make bigger too. 3. There are some weird bugs with moving pieces, for example when you move some pieces upside down they fall out of the fixed grid if you have those settings on. Every time I select a piece like that upside down it jerks left or right and I cannot line things up without taking off fixed grid and it takes longer to sit there on xbox lining it up. 4. Remove the barriers for us moving objects. There’s no real reason to stop ya from blocking things like room consoles or trade stations, and it limits how we immerse our decorations in rooms. Give us the option to move things in/out of any object to expand our potential please. 4. Capacity is always an issue for us who like detailed projects. Big robots are cool, but I prefer the details and making everything right but this takes a lot of pieces and i runout of capacity on passion projects constantly. Is there a way we could spend platinum to expand a rooms capacity like we do for slots? 1400 isn’t even enough when you start costing a room in fire pits. With the cool effects having such a steep cost, we burn through it quickly. I’ve always wanted to do a tribute to bowser in a room with fire covering the floor but atm I can’t cover more than a corner before capacity is capped. Love the game though, keep up the great storylines and sharing the love! Just got my Prestige pack for the cassowar last night and loving the set!
  2. Is there a way to actively block with a sword and shield today while having a primary/secondary equipped? I like running Ack & Brunt but I am unable to manually activate the Electromagnetic shielding mod because the original shielding button is tied in with aiming. Only way I have found to do this is to run without primary/secondary but that’s not really a good solution.
  3. Will these be implemented for melee sometime this year? I really want to push a melee block build to its potential, and these mods would support that effort.
  4. I always think it’s funny how others say they have no reason to go further than their current MR. You get more daily standing with each rank, which means you can get more stuff faster. It’s great for buying relic packs and ranking up in new syndicates faster. There are also more benefits. I am sure people will complain when content comes for high MR and they’re stuck at their current rank for a week+ before they can play it. I never think my MR is a reflection of my skill though, I was MR 27 a couple months back when we got the fulmin, but I was one waiting for enough items to reach that rank.
  5. Are we still getting platinum in our rewards too? As a decorator for my clan I was excited for the plat to rush things to see things finished as I build, and not wait a day.
  6. They do not. They would have been in Baro Kiteers stock during the tennocon 2019 visit.
  7. We have the Prime ‘Damage to X’ mods for all firearms but they do not yet exist for Melee. Will we see those implemented in the game at some point?
  8. Anyone else feel like the Fracture Control status is too short? I saw we had the fractures mini-event for xbox earlier this week. Thought it would be a great time to farm exploiter orb this weekend, but we have already lost control and the credits/resource bonus. If it’s really gotta be that short and people aren’t doing enough to keep it up, would it make more sense to start this on the Weekend? Seems just a bit too short to enjoy the bonus.
  9. If you obtain 10,000 of a capture scene you get a message to transmute the scene into a Prisma version. The scene in the Prisma variant looks like you are tripping on LCD. It’s pretty neat.
  10. Yeah that’s what i figured. Currently rush price with time left is 37p so I was waiting to see if I rushed it when it was lower if it would work, even 34p is saving 1p. I wont bother rushing then cause it’ll be a complete waste if it doesn’t work. Thanks all!
  11. Does anyone know when we receive the Wukong Formas? Does it calculate them when we log in next after updating or were they sent the moment the update was deployed? I had a wukong in the foundry building, it’s got 17hrs left. Wondering if I rushed it through the app if it would count it when I log in tonight after updating the game.
  12. It was confirmed it won't be until next season.
  13. I think a nice addition with the next nightwave would be for whenever the 'Wolf' Spawns in, that we receive some rep for defeating them. I see a lot of players complain when he drops nothing, or a random mod we have hundreds of. I don't mind grinding for rare parts, but with the effort it can take players (especially when unprepared) I think a little rep for that season would be a nice balance. Maybe 300-500.
  14. This post is pointless, considering you are in general chat. Also, you must not understand the definition. Pointless would be to have no point, but the point of umbra forma is to halve the cost of capacity they drain. Now, useless or lackluster might have been a better choice for your point. I will be free of Steel Charge on my Chroma build finally and to me, that is neither pointless or useless. Growing Power here I come!!
  15. Who cares really? You aren’t doing any work watching a stream, and if your only reason for watching is to get a drop you shouldn’t even bother watching. It was a great stream and anything you didn’t get that was free is no real loss at all. I am just happy they do the streams weekly, I do not know any other company to be so invested in it’s players.
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