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  1. Agreed, I can reason with the AFK prevention but for solo runs this was a nice experience having run about while I kicked but as an operator. Should have tied it to player activity, may have been more work to do so but this would have been a better product for us as the consumer.
  2. I brought him out last night to get my finishers in NW taken care of and noticed when I would jump to operator, he reloads the guns now and after a little while he sits down even at full health. Before, he didn’t reload and would stay by me throughout a mission. Wondering if this was a fluke or an intended change recently?
  3. Excited to see what these fire proc stacks will do for Ignis Prime
  4. No... I have yet to really play with Gauss for builds, still need to farm the freezing and blazing ephemera that just won’t drop, have yet to play all the new disruptions an grind the Kuva variant to see if the grofit is better. I am still workin the on all my dojo decor so I can finish all my rooms and start expanding my clan... I still need to find a way to get conclave rep and max the K-drive syndicate. Other than that, I got rivens to unveil and roll. Plenty of do to keep me busy until 2020.
  5. This was nice, thank you for sharing such a nice story.
  6. I'm not a tech guru, I don't know what it takes for it to function but could Warframe support a queue/playlist system for missions? This system would work as follows: Option 1 1. Select mission from Star Chart or the event menus 2. A prompt inquires the number of runs you want to complete. 3. You slide the number as desired, similar UI to adding plat in a trade menu. 4. You run mission. Upon completing run, it reloads you into the mission again to start another run. -Eliminates the loading time in/out of a mission and reselecting the next mission. Option
  7. The wiki doesn’t have everything and likely never will. I have been waiting for the dojo decor to be updated, I’ve seen things in people’s dojos that aren’t available to me and it makes me sad.
  8. That was from the xbox prestige package. It’s no longer available
  9. What’s your best Wolf of Saturn Six kill story so far? I have a really funny one. I joined an Axi Void Interception mission with a low level Nova Prime I started leveling for a new Spova exclusive set up, and brought along a Karak Wraith as well that I was leveling. Things were going well, board showed 67% and then it came. The wicked roar of the Wolf, and his terrifying face appears on my screen. I looked at my gear and laughed, What change I had with this, thinking back to my noobie days of the Stalker always jumping me when I had low level gear. I had to think quick or we w
  10. Any chance of downsized versions of the mini games coming to the app? When I am in game I just play the actual game but would love to do the mini games when I am away from the xbox
  11. I once suggested a warframe that is a transformational transportation frame. His 1st would be a 3 seater roller with a turret, and dual seats. His 2nd would be a fighter jet with bombing, heat seeking missels and a railgun. His 3rd was a Tank with a main gun and two railguns. His 4th was a Battleship that offered nukes and napalm for massive open world destruction. His focus is transportation and armed weaponary to support the team that would be stronger than average gear, but not outshine all basic weaponary. His abilities were different while not in open world m
  12. You are a beautiful shade of humanity that I hope one day casts itself across the entire globe uniting us all for the common good of simple acts of kindness and improving lives without any purpose other than the act itself a reward.
  13. I have recorded my catchmoon kitgun putting out 1mil damage in a shot, pretty sure i hit 2mil once but haven’t been able to catch it in recodings. Definitelty worth investing. I think the pistols have some interesting mods to work with different from primaries and there are a couple out there, riven or not, that can so really great like the Detrons, Euphona Prime, Atomos cause it scales for high levels, akmagnus, Angstrum and so on.
  14. Comparing warframe to dark souls is funny. Even in max gear in dark souls a basic enemy can gank you if you are careless, also cliffs... they will always get you. Warframe just respawns you. Try putting thought into your comparisons. Nothing in warframe is harder than dark souls, and DS will forever cherish that claim
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