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  1. I agree. The "ZOOM" effect is gone. He just feels like every other frame now, and it's not as exciting for sure. Those who got nauseous just can't handle the speed. I loved it! Now, not so much. lol
  2. I main Volt as well, and made a post about this as soon as the update dropped, and people we saying "nothing has been changed, except the animation" I disagree. I like you feel like max strength feels like 150% now too. It feel like the acceleration to get up to speed take much longer, but in a big open area he does start picking up to the momentum I was use to. It just takes a while to get going, not this instant acceleration like it use to be.
  3. Just had the update drop on PS4, and I was playing disruption with a friend farming Gauss parts. We went to round 5, and got the last Gauss part we needed, then extracted. Once we were back in the orbiter my friend notified me they did not receive the part, and I was like how did you not get it?! They ended up only getting rewards up to round 2, and did not receive the reward for rounds 3-5. This wouldn't be an issue if we had DEDICATED SERVERS, but we understand why they stay with the cheap and easy P2P.
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