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  1. I just recently received a 3 day affinity booster from my 350 daily login, and I'm noticing the same thing when I was running Hydron with Saryn. I leveled 2 weapons from 0-30 in 15 waves, like normal when I have a booster, but then I joined a session where I was the one nuking the field and my weapons only leveled twice in 15 waves, and I was like wtf?! As I don't normally take Saryn to lvl, I've never experienced this before.
  2. I've done that before too, to see if I could bypass the login, and wait till later for my login reward. Does kind of suck the button is just for show. Back to your issue at hand, I recently received a 3 day affinity booster for my 350 day login, and it doesn't seem to be working either, as well as the 30 min credit booster I found while in a mission, which was a little disheartening getting out of high index without them being doubled. Could have used that extra 500K. So yeah, you're not alone with the boosters not working. Weird thing was my affinity booster seemed to work for one session at Hydron, as I leveled 2 weapons from 0-30 in 15 waves, which is normal for when I have a booster, but after that session it was like I had a reverse booster, cause it took 30 freaking waves to level up one weapon! I was completely flabbergasted, as I have never experienced anything like that in Warfame.
  3. I've been having the same issues. Usually they get stuck running into a wall, that I can revive them, but not today. It just kept moving out of my revive range, and ended up failing the mission.
  4. Having a huge issue with mod slots with a Warframe, follower, or weapon, the issues the same across the board. I have a Warframe/weapon with a capacity of 60, with all the mods slots filled, saying I have a capacity of 0/60, which is normal. Now to the issue, I scroll over to a config b which has no mods applied, and it says my capacity is 0/60, instead of 60/60. Making it impossible to apply any mods. Edit: So, it looks like the configurations are glitched or something. I can still apply mods that are on the full configurations, and then change the mod loadout from there.
  5. So, what exactly does this mean? The patch before made it to where you could keep sprinting while activating Turbulence. Was that a mistake that this patch fixed? I really enjoyed being able to keep sprinting and activate Turbulence with the Jet Steam augment. Really kept from loosing a lot of ground on others while racing through levels. I was playing today and noticed I went stationary again when casting Turbulence, which brought me to writing this post. Please reenact movement while casting Turbulence... Please 🙏🙏
  6. Lol! Yeah... I play everyday, and it has felt like an eternity dealing with this garbage. I'm not the greatest keeping track of time. 😋
  7. So, DE I've given the new UI a solid month and a half, and it's still horrible. This biggest issue are the consistsnt bugs that plague new UI, to a point that a restart is in order, because all control inputs become either completely unresponsive, or the cursor starts skipping around not wanting to select anything. Not to mention in the arsenal when you can't change your setups, due to IDK, the new UI just not wanting to cooperate and do anything? Second would be the currsor... get rid of it, or seriously give us an option to revert back to the old more streamline, efficiant, and buggless Ui we had before. I have 560hrs into this amazing game, then y'all go and "Improve" something that didn't need to be improved upon. It has seriously hindered my enjoyment for this came, and cause such frustration at times that I just choose to close the game and walk away. Seriously, it's happened twice today where the UI just does what it wants to, and makes the game unplayable, no exaggeration if you can't navigate menus or do anything you can't play. I mean, yeah I know I have put a lot of time into Warframe, and if this is a deturant to not play as much, and put that energy and focus somewhere more productive in my life... It's working.
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