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  1. The idea behind these abilities is that the warframe itself is a living creature created by the Void from Transference root and built it's own body(kind of like Ultron but obviously not as pretty). It doesn't have everything that normal warframes have, so it has to steal what it is missing from enemies to compensate. Passive: Since I thought it would be cool for the frame to be alive, I think it would also make sense for it to have Umbra's passive and become a specter while not being controlled by the player. 1st Ability: Lashes an enemy or enemies with his arm/tendrils dealing damage to target(s) and "breaks" their armor. This also steals bits of the enemy's "broken" armor and applies an armor buff to the player(and maybe buffs allies too?). 2nd Ability: Creates a spire/tree made of the same roots(Transference root I'm assuming) that hold the warframe together. The tree lasts for a duration latches onto enemies restricting their movement and maybe applying a debuff of some kind. If you kill tethered enemies the tree generates energy for you. This ability can be deactivated(or detonated?) early which leaves whatever the debuff is lingering for a short period. Enemies affected by this debuff look like they have roots wrapped around their torsos 3rd Ability: The player can use Transference to leave their body and possess any enemy affected by the debuff from their 2nd ability. You can also "Transfer" between any enemy that is affected by the 2nd ability's debuff(body hopping essentially) but the energy cost increases with each body transfer. Each body you possess has a timer as well, if it expires the enemy dies and you return to your warframe. The timer can be refreshed by Transferring into another one. While possessing an enemy you attack with root tendrils as melee weapons and have increased attack speed. Also while in this state everyone's Transference is strengthened creating a buff to all warframe abilities for all players(including yourself). 4th Ability: Steals weapon parts from enemies within a radius disarming them. The parts are then used to create a large arm cannon that fires some form of raw void energy as an exalted weapon. The more enemies that are disarmed on the initial cast the stronger the exalted weapon is.
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