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  1. 1 - Thank you for all the work and effort. It shows on the great quality of this game! 2 - Yet again, no fix for Khora Whipclaw new LOS making it not hit things in your face, despite multiple bug reports and requerests from the community. A great frame is now broken and has been broken for months now. I mean, if it is to remain like this, why not remove it from the game? 3 - The Spawning in the RJ whent going to a dojo bug, has also been around forever. Can it be adressed?
  2. This is one of the oldest bugs ever!
  3. Tx for the fixes. Still no fix for the khora whip not hitting things in your face. Plz tell us someone is working on it. It became incredibly frustrating after the nerf. Broke the frame in the worst possible way.
  4. Tx for this. But still no fix for Khora Whipclaw not hitting enemies in your face. 😥
  5. Ok, I can understand the reasons for the nerf. That is DE's prerrogativae. I don't understand the nerf been so BADLY DONE that the ability does not hit things in your face. Didn't anyone test this?" This is a real "spoiled strike". Please fix it.
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