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  1. melee coptering isn't going any were devs actually improved it intentionally if they didnt intend for it they would of removed it instead of boosting it now even more weapons can copter then before. Also you cant copter with huge weapons witch makes sense
  2. Ok I missed out on a great platinum opportunity because when i went to offer the helm it says failed to offer. I tried with multiple helms and even went and made sure the helm was not equipped to its frame still nothing.
  3. Guess is should add some info in this pic you can see that players are mushed together in the damage section http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=287815457
  4. A few bugs i have noticed the screen that shows damage puts every one to close together mushing all the numbers, login screen has no exit button on it, cant collect extractors from mercury or venus and run slide in ship is weird
  5. No one is forced to do pvp it is there because well if you are fighting over a point shouldnt you have to fight eachother and not some ai
  6. I like the idea of these being a solo thing and not in the dojo as well. I think OP has a terrific idea
  7. didnt even think about frame damage type. take volt and you have electricity right there or frost for ice ember for fire saryn for poison just remember saryn's ult is corrosive poison is in two of her abilties i think the one that adds to melee damage and the molt ability
  8. Many people have soloed vey hek and you can bring 4 different elements to a match one for each weapon and then the last one on sentinal or use a primary with a base damage type of an element on your specter
  9. We are currently recruiting clans of all shapes and sizes. For more info contact me on the forums or in game at frostthejack.
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