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  1. I really like the open Harrier hood, I think its pretty cool but the problem is that it disables both facial accessories and ear accessories. Now ear accessories makes sense to disable but the facial accessories being disabled makes zero sense to me. Most of the facial accessories are like Diadems (covers forehead like a bandana for example), these shouldn't cause any issues with the hood. Its even dumber when you consider that you can have Vayas Prime mask equipped which clips with the hood. The only reason im able to use the Vayas Prime mask is because its categorized as an "eye accessory".
  2. Are you like me and bought a deluxe skin in the past and thought "hmm now that I have extra plat I can finally get the rest of the collection" only to be blocked by the game stating you cant. I find this very annoying I just want to get the rest of the stuff from a collection scratch the one thing I bought (a skin for example). The game currently states "Item is already owned in your inventory, you cannot have duplicates of this same item" this means the collection is blocked and im unable to purchase it, there is no way to remove the duplicate from my inventory since its something you cant se
  3. It was really disapointing to see that Octavia prime only has one color slot for coloring while normal Octavia has 2 color slots for coloring. This makes zero sense as there are some Warframe primes that have dual color slots (like Oberon Prime for example). I just wanted to make Octavia prime to host a rave just like normal Octavia
  4. (I will refer Gravid Blastema as "GB"): I created the bug by simply finding low hanging GB and then shooting it, the low hanging GB will not break because its to low to the ground so the ground impact wont break it. Then from there I equipped one of the Cambion Drift fishing spears and then threw it at the GB while holding the aim button (for me it was right click). Not holding the aim button will not create the bug. Low hanging GB : Image Non broken GB : Image Video: My Reddit Post NOTES: Orb Vallis fishing spears do not create this bug, when these two rods are used on a low hangi
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