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  1. So do I need to disconnect on of my accounts( Mixer and Twitch) to get the drop then? I had both connected so I can watch on one when the other is acting Finicky, but I don't want to lose out on the drops because of this. I only ever watch on one of them at a time, its just a backup plan so I can still get the drop. I hope that makes sense.
  2. Thanks for fixing the Rhino Rubedo skin! Its my favorite!
  3. The Rhino Rubedo skin doesn't light up and glow anymore. The Yamako Rubedo Plated Syandana does still tho. Can you guys fix this sometime? Obviously It's not priority, but I wanted to say something about it.
  4. I know this isn't an important one, but any news on the Tennos best friend skins? I think it would be awesome to see some WIP stuff on them :D
  5. OMG That would make operator fashion SO MUCH EASIER. Most of the time IRL, your eyebrows and lashes tend to be at least 2 shades darker than your actual hair color. Even when dying your hair, its suggested to to the same. Otherwise you look scary like how the always have when you give them anything slightly abnormal for a hair color. And if you add a color slot, then if people want to still have them match, they can. This is the whole reason I've kept my Operators hair boring brown. kinda sad. I agree with this since it's not fair to new people who havent gotten to old mate yet to not be able to see the cutscene when they are finally able to play these. But it does get a bit annoying after playing it a few times.
  6. It says right click, but it's still right bumper (or r1 depending on the controller) to pull out the emote wheel. I am just a controller user and use emotes all the time, including today after the fix. If it is not working for you, I would go into your controls and see if its marked differently in your personal settings. :D
  7. I had a visual glitch during when the friend of Solaris was visiting all the Cetus instances where some of the operators were Warframe height and looked like adults. I could post a screen shot if you're intrested. I know its not a bearded aged Tenno, but its a slight glimpse if they ever go that direction lol.
  8. Man thank you guys for being so nice about everyone dropping by unnanounced. That was quite silly of us XD. Beautiful dojo guys.
  9. I know this is a big update and theres so many other bugs that need to be fixed first that are game breaking. So its not like its first priority. But as long as they are aware, which it definity seems like they are, I'm ok. :D Just had to put in my two cents. Which I guess is pretty useless in Canada with them not using pennies anymore XD.
  10. It was only for one person, which was chosen with the twitch prize picker. It was LUIE1HZ Everyone else just got the rifle riven for watching a specific amount of time.
  11. They've already mentioned that soon the archwings will be like the hoverboard, its just a matter of time till they actually implement it into the game. :D
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