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  1. Passive: Converts ammo pickups to spare parts. More spare parts reduce damage. 1. Parts Shield - Consume Spare parts to provide an AoE Damage Aura for each spare part consumed. Consumes 25 per use. Use stacks up to 4 times. 2. Body Part - Infuse a portion of your warframe with your sentience and separate it from your frame. Tap to throw it at an enemy or hold to drop it on the ground. Contact with an enemy takes the enemy's mind over. Limit 4. Using two renders you unable to use weapons. Using 4 renders you unable to move. Able to cast Spirit Form while using this ability causing the body parts to taunt enemies. Forces reassembly after attached enemies are killed. Consumes 25 spare parts if Parts Shield is active to provide Parts Shield to the Body Part. 3. Void Form - Leave the physical Warframe behind and gain an void form. The Warframe becomes invulnerable and taunts enemies within the area (each Body Part gains this as well) while the Void Form takes increased damage and gains movement speed and 3D movement (You control the spirit form). The Void Form, unable to use weapons, gains void beams that cause enemies to have increased drops rates on ammo, health, and energy orbs. 4. Historic Moment - Consume all spare parts to summon the Unbroken Warframe. Cancels Parts shield, Body Part, and Spirit Form. This provides invulnerability and a massive damage boost, but the additional weight makes it slow and unable to jump. Taunts enemies in the area and projects a healing shield buff.
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