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  1. And how has it been again?...just asking XD
  2. Just want to ask, How long does the night wave series 1(Wolf of Sauturn Six) last for? Thank you ^ ^
  3. I think thats the point, plus S/He did state that. You should make it look cracked or withered down actually .....with the addition of making the colors less vibrant/pale/faded to show that it is not functional anymore. Hope this really goes somewhere, keep it up 😄
  4. Oh no...I was really hoping to see the whole Minotaur theme develop and progress...now its just..uhh...blant? I dunno really....hhmm....its kinda lacking....like a blank canvas waiting to be painted...its not finished though so...who am I to judge right? Anyways, you are making great progress dude! I like it nonetheless 😄
  5. Here is my submission...I based it on the film "Terrifier" XD
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