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  1. Dear DE Everything i say i say out of love 1st stop releasing skins please we have enough trust me 2nd put on your damn big boy pants and stop listening to the community so much they don't know what they what with the game by that i mean if it should stay a small game or a big one 3rd with rewards like the daily challenge u should put rewards that you can't get anywhere else the same when you add knew game modes 4th make frame fighter free we waited so long for it and then we have to pay for it 5th the targets you have to get for simiris make it so your teammate can not kill it PLEASE 6th MAKE THIS GAME WHAT YOU WHAT IT TO BE Ps i respect you that is why isay this and i m worried about the state WARFRAME is in right now
  2. DE can you make it so mimics will spawn in random mission as if there spying on us it would make the next quest better and give the mimics a lesson to be in the game other then the Quest please
  3. D.E can u make it so the mimics will sometimes show up in are mission as if there spying on us that way it adds more deep to the next Quest
  5. Please DE fix host migration i lost every thing again
  6. Fix the host leaveing problem 3rd Time this week the host left i lost every thing on a hour long relic run fix it
  7. Amazing quest can we have the option to remove lotus from taking to us in mission
  8. DE will U fix trade chat so there is a WTB chat and a WTS chat more organized
  9. I m grad but if tht does not get cert then spoilers for console at tennocon this is y u need to quest same day all platforms the game is over 4 years old i m no saying small updates like those augment mods or tennogen just quest i think it would help the game grow and make the game look better to :)
  10. Can u please release story quest out on the same day as PC because us console player try all we wht we get spoilers from youtube and chat just plz
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