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  1. Wait....you know they increased it's cost from 25 to 100 on purpose right?
  2. Ummmm.....no. Unless they plan on also refunding everyone who bought Tennocon digital tickets. That's asking for too much man. Maybe a couple Gift of Lotus alerts....free access to Baro relay AND 50% off Baro? Just....wow....that's....wow.
  3. Have to agree with everyone else the cursor is completely unnecessary for consoles. The relic system is going to drive me nuts and make me just not interested in playing...haven't even tried modding but from what I'm hearing it is just aggravating. Please give us the choice of reverting back to the old system.
  4. Yeah I came to say something similar to you. Do not like the new cursor at all. Especially with the relics....I could see getting used to the rest of the cursor stuff but having to use the cursor to scroll over relics, which for some reason now don't show you what is in a relic unless you select it, and then use the cursor to go over and select refinement level...extremely clunky. Wish there was a way to opt out of the new system and go back to the old, which I never really had a problem with.
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