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  1. Yeah I hate it when my powers kill them too fast, that sucks
  2. This. Any and all melee rivens should be held onto until we get a description of what melee 3.0 will do. Unless you've got a godroll for the current meta and don't mind potentially screwing over someone who doesn't realize melee 3.0 is on the horizon and that riven they just spend 1K plat on isn't worth the 1s and 0s it's made up of.
  3. Because your mods are all low ranked...forma Ignis and invest more in the mods.
  4. Also the reason you're seeing people one shot or so limbs is because they're running Madurai strike and running in groups that have been hunting for so long that they're running a common strategy. I'd try and describe it but I know I'd make a mistake and I know they're very....elitist about their methods. I know cause my GF is a hunter and while she swears I could run hunts with her I know I'd make a mistake and I wouldn't hear the end of it for a week. Basically madurai strike buffs crit hits up to 8 in a row. They take turns being the ones to target shields and limbs. You get a hit whil
  5. When you zoom in you're at a bit of a disadvantage trying to target specific points. That's why they give bonus damage...you hit the target you win bonus damage.
  6. The zoom mechanic isn't changing, it's working as intended. Take advantage of it and get a Riven that has a -zoom negative to boost the positive stats.
  7. To be fair there are a lot of Eastern Europeans who try and communicate in English and "fail", but do a heck of a job getting their point across.
  8. If I were someone who entered a mission that demanded a high amount of kills in as short an amount of time as possible I'd be kinda ticked if someone else came into said mission WITHOUT a nuking frame.
  9. It used to be like that until a recent update. Much preferred it that way.
  10. Loadout slots my friend. Never need to hunt for that frame again.
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