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  1. The things I like about the new melee system: a.) Some combos feel absolutely fantastic, like the tempo royale regular E combo, as well as the atlantis vulcan E combo. b.) I like that combo attacks are now incorporated in regular combat, but there are some issues with it that I will specify later in this post. c.) Some stances and certainly some weapons got the much needed love that they deserve. d.) Combination of the auto parry in regular gameplay. e.) Directional slams. Some issues that I have and suggestions with rationale: 1.) Slide attacks and combos that launch foes halfway across the field. This really kills the immersion I have when I want to follow up with another melee attack or gunshot to the chest. I suggest a less exaggerated "fly away" effect for even more combo fun and gun play mayhem. 2.) Some combos forcibly slash/ attack forward several meters away from the foe you want to slay. (Case in point is the decisive judgement stance aim combo in the nikana weapon) I suggest a much, much shorter lunge attack. Doing this will help finish the enemy we want to kill and an increased likelihood of hitting the guy we want with the lunge attack. 3.) Some charge attacks are so slow compared to other weapon types. 2 handed vs. 1 handed etc. I suggest a second look at weapon charge attack times. This may increase the usage of charge attacks in general, and may breathe new life into the Sancti Magistar. 4.) Channeling needs more visual/auditory cues. I have no idea when channeling is on/ off at times because my weapon is difficult to notice in the heat of battle. I suggest some kind of pronounced sparks effect located at the back of your frame to easily notice if channeling is on or off. Any kind of visual cue that is easy to notice would be great here.
  2. The aspects of the previous alert system that I liked: 1.) Bite-sized. 2.) We revisit nodes we would never come back to once finished previously. 3.) Quick way to get nitain etc. 4.) Quick way to get the difficult to obtain kavat DNA. I would like these aspects to be combined with the new nightwave system. Have some challenges in there that were previous alert missions. This could be implemented as an hourly type cycle in the nightwave system. Things I like about the current nightwave: a.) I could get a reliable method to get nitain. b.) A reliable way to get orokin reactors/catalysts. c.) Rewards for getting for points in the syndicate. Things I do not like with nightwave: A.) Highly imbalanced mission structure. (eg. This week we had to do 10 syndicate missions for a measly 3000 standing) B.) Sporadic reward for wolf cred. My suggestions: 1.) As a guideline for mission structure, have approximately 5 minutes of gameplay = 1000 standing. The daily missions completely feel fine with me. 2.) Have additional daily missions if my aforementioned suggestion of hourly missions won't work. 3.) Why not have wolf cred rewarded every time you reach 10 000 standing? 4.) Catering to endurance runners seem really counter productive when you already have arbitrations specifically for them. Why not flesh out the fun aspects of both systems and then profit as people have fun in their own way? In my opinion alerts were never for endurance runners in the first place, and nightwave is a replacement for those. 5.) I also suggest removal of the "friend" missions. 6.) I haven't even done the elite missions because I am not good enough for them. 7.) Have kavat DNA and other more difficult to obtain resources in the cred offerings.
  3. As a casual player who does his own thing in warframe this is my opinion: 1.) I wanted to get a few more nitain extracts, but it seems that getting enough wolf credits for the 5 pack is going to take way longer than previously. 2.) I suggest having enemies on certain endless mission nodes drop wolf cred rarely. About the same as argon crystal/orokin cell drop. 3.) Take the good parts of the previous alert system, namely, the missions that are randomized and "bite-sized" then implement those in a daily/hourly/every 12 hours rotation. These will have 3-4 missions, be repeatable and have a limit syndicate score per day. 4.) As the others have said, some challenges are way too tedious compared to the previous alert system. I suggest a cleaning up of the challenges here. 5.) Encourage team play instead of discouraging it by making the kill requirements map wide, and remove the gimmicky "sortie with a bud". 6.) I really like the idea behind this system, and with some adjustments it can become better than the previous one we had.
  4. I think the vision behind these changes is good. My feedback after delving a bit into the whole riven system and farming kuva: 1.) I love re-rolling my rivens to try something new for my different weapons, but the kuva usage in the later re-rolls is too high in my opinion. Perhaps a lower kuva requirement for the maximum and minimum roll? 2.) As another poster said, the power creep between different weapon variants (default, vandal, prime, etc.) can be addressed with a riven multiplier that changes based on weapon power and popularity for each variant. 3.) Perhaps a look at the least used 5 to 10 percent of weapons? 4.) A gradual increase in kuva with a limit for the endless kuva mission. 5.) Perhaps after 50 re-rolls a "back to beginning" where the riven starts from 0 again with all new stats.
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