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  1. Yeah but it gives wannabe gatekeepers something to get all up themselves and righteous about so there's always that.
  2. When decorating my orbiter with several unfilled Vaya Sculptures today some look to have stars installed despite being empty and un-animated. Swapping them in and out of the inventory repeatedly would alternate which ones appeared this way. Never all but always some.
  3. Not really if you're min/maxed and know what you're doing. In fact I only killed myself recently for the first time in months running into my own akarius blast radius with an unranked gauss. Nearly cheered about it lol. Felt like I should have unlocked an achievement award or something.
  4. Actually, more often than not I'm getting 2 teams of zealots literally back to back, especially if they appear toward the end of a mission. Even 3 teams on one occasion, 1 at the start and 2 more consecutively on the way to extracting.
  5. I was actually disappointed both bp's dropped on my first run. I like disruption alot but it's best with having something to chase after.
  6. I'd call that creative persistence and an essential quality for progressing in WF. Hope you get another chance to play again.
  7. It might not matter anyway as there's currently multiple bug reports for that recovery mission.
  8. Yeah, if there's one type of word we feel awkward mangling and apologize most often for it's surely other peoples names. Gauss is a real name. Moreover it's a famous name and there's really only one way to pronounce it, which is correctly. Try saying Einstein wrongly and see how that goes...
  9. Ha, I would have swapped you 8 neuroptics for 1 chassis if I could have. But then I ran Ur Uranus and got both weapons in one run where others may grind for days. RNG, you win some and lose others mate.
  10. Hated it at first but i'm coming around to it. At least default accents looks more gold than yellow now so that's my pet peeve sorted. Sad it's not so mirror reflective anymore, but the intended effect may be being obscured by other lighting issues. Something to do with adaptive exposure seems like, not sure. The way light levels fluctuate even when i'm stationary or washed out when close to source and overly dark in shadows. A bit like having bloom enabled at times.
  11. I wish. 31 rounds and zero parts only relics here.
  12. Haha knew I should have come here first before wasting an hour on settings in game then nuking my liset to monochrome and storming out in disgust.
  13. Yup, whatever significance MR does have, this kills it. I see it more now as a cosmetic.
  14. Aw hell no! Bullet jumping was what made me take up Warframe to begin with, that's how much I freakin love the acrobatic mobility. In fact if there was a NW challenge to complete 3 missions without it I might just post my own dumb thread suggesting it's removal.
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