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  1. This is MY feedback on the upcoming warframe, Vladissimo. So 'Vlad' is still a WIP Warframe and he is an ''eidolon'' based frame with a ''vampire'' fantasy, which in my opinion none of those concepts are developed. After seeing what they've got he looks more like a Nyx 2.0 with an useful 2 ability :^) There's no vampire themed abilities, he doesn't suck blood or anything at all, he is more kinda of a zombie master warframe. Plus, he is considered to be a sentient frame which represents nothing of what the sentients do or are supposed to do... like summoning some sentient minions, adapting to your damage, make highly pitched dolphin sounds and he is a conehead, just like Harrow. Because you name one of his abilities 'Sentient lazer' and you name the warframe 'Vlad' doesn't mean his playstyle is of a Vampire or an eidolon. So yeah, he lacks of desing, what they told us he is going to be and what he currently is are two completly different stories. What do you think about Vlad?