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  1. Oh, this is some good stuff.... Looking forward to it. Did anybody take a look at teh energy effects from Zaws overlapping an applied skin so that the energy effects hang weirdly in mid air instead of on the applied skin? That ends up pretty annoying when trying to aim and the energy effect is blocking your view. I wanna show off Tennogen skins on my Zaws but it's getting annoying now.
  2. Not bad... was thinking more of Remnant, like remnants from The Old War.
  3. Interesting Syandana...Like the concept, but both prongs could have been facing up, akin to horns. Just thinking it would have looked cooler that way.
  4. Passive: Adds void damage to attacks. Can use parts from downed enemies nearby to increase bleedout time/revive itself. Ability 1: Shrapnel Pick up parts from downed enemies nearby to add armor and resistance/weakness to itself. Can be recast up to a maximum of 4 times as ability levels up. The parts collected determines the type of resistances and weakeneses that can be added (and it's overall look): (the following can be adjusted to suit) Grineer parts: increased resistance to slow, blast and cold/reduced resistance to puncture and corrosive Corpus parts: increased resistance to burn, slash and gas/ reduced resistance to cold and magnetic Infested parts: increased resistance to electric, magnetic and impact/ reduced resistance to toxin and heat Sentient parts: increased resistance to radiation, heat and puncture/ reduced resistance to electric and blast Ability 2: Space Out/Daze Can put nearby enemies in a daze, slowing their movement, with its void energy. The more void energy stored with Energizing Disarmament the greater the number of enemies that can be dazed. Ability 3: Energizing Disarmament Shed any parts collected by Shrapnel to renew health over time. Any damage taken during this time is converted to void energy and stored. Ability 4: Detonate Can detonate itself to do AOE void damage. The more Shrapnel accumlated the greater the damage and range of the attack. Can remove sentient resistances. Void energy collected by Energizing Disarmament can add to damage and range of this ability. Also, the type of armor used determines the additional damage type that can be inflicted: Grineer = + Heat damage + burn Corpus= + Electric damage + stun Infested= + Toxin damage + poison Sentient= + Cold damage + slow
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