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  1. DJ_Redwire

    Farewell to Mynki!

    My gosh, this is monumental. Best of luck to Mynki, and unending thanks for creating such beautiful works of art, and congratulations fo Geoff. Onward and upwards!
  2. DJ_Redwire

    Warframe at PAX WEST 2016!

    Can't wait to see you guys there!
  3. DJ_Redwire

    Infested noises and Orbiter - NOT U19 [Megathread]

    It's like when you're at school and everyone catches the same cold all at once.
  4. DJ_Redwire

    2016 Events at a Glance!

    Can't wait to see all you lovely devs and Tenno at Pax! For those getting ready to register, Pax prime tickets go on sale soon (immediately?) after Pax East will conclude - so keep your eyes peeled, they're gonna go fast!
  5. DJ_Redwire

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    Noticed the link of my old pic broke, so here's an update! Artist profile: Old picture (2013):
  6. DJ_Redwire

    Infested noises and Orbiter - NOT U19 [Megathread]

    Make sure you're listening on headphones is the first thing. The easiest way to hear the fluctuations is by starting on the opposite side of the hallway and walking towards the side where the noises are coming from. You'll notice that the audio doesn't just appear - it slowly fades into hearing range as you walk towards the apparent source.
  7. DJ_Redwire

    Infested noises and Orbiter - NOT U19 [Megathread]

    I was JUST coming to the forums to post about this. Very strange indeed that it's only present near the starboard side of the ship in that one corridor. It's worth noting that the noise track is tuned for spacial dynamics (it has a specific auditory location in stereo, if you rotate your character away from it, or move away/toward it, the sound profile changes accordingly) which means it was codded into the game with specific intention. This doesn't seem like a bug to me in the technical sense.
  8. I don't mean to burst any bubbles but it should be reiterated that pet Kavats are still a few updates out - only the enemy versions are being introduced with 18.5. Don't wanna create any false hype.
  9. He's only wrong on the premise that having another showcase is what's planned or necessary, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be pushed back. Though if it were to be pushed to next week, the devstream would probably also be pushed back as well so that they could barrel down and focus on getting it out asap.
  10. DJ_Redwire

    Feedback On Vulpine Mask Grind And Rapier [Megathread]

    The moderators don't work for DE. So there's that. I'll be the first to stand behind a person or post that is critical of DE and unjustly taken down. ...except I've never seen such a post... ...nor have I ever personally had a post where I was critical of DE removed. (My guess being I was following forum policy - I think that's usually a pretty good strategy) So I really have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Also I forgot to mention, if you just wander right into the feedback forums, you might notice that there are literally hundreds of DE critical threads. Many of which you might also notice, have yet to be taken down for their slanderous language defacing our almighty DE overlords. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go report all of those threads to the mods immediately. Evil is afoot!
  11. DJ_Redwire

    Feedback On Vulpine Mask Grind And Rapier [Megathread]

    Anything regarding Sortie rewards should be stayed for now IMO because they've openly stated they want to explore a new means for acquiring items in the Sortie table. Until such changes, I think discussing anything in regards to them is somewhat moot until we have the system changes in our hands. Until DE says otherwise, it is. The fact of the matter is the acquisition of DE's shares has little to no discernible impact on us as the gamers because Warframe is DE's responsibility. If DE is being strong-armed into trashing the game, then it will show in the game. If DE trashes the game on their own with no prompting from Leyou, it will show in the game. Thus, it absolutely DOES NOT MATTER who trashed the game, be it Leyou or DE. At the end of the day, the quality of the game and its potential decline is on DE's hands - regardless of who is pulling strings behind the scenes (assuming there even is - which they've gone on record saying there isn't). DE are the ones who are accountable, so let's hold them accountable if things go south. Making this about anything else is quite frankly irrelevant.
  12. DJ_Redwire

    2016 Convention Plans Overview.

    Definitely going to try and make pax prime this year - it's so close to me it's pretty dumb not to. Can't wait to see you guys there! Also, anyone know when registration for Pax Prime goes up?
  13. DJ_Redwire

    Partnership Announcement (Further Updates)

    Well, I think the whole thing just goes like this. When we were initially told about this whole deal, there was a lot of uncertainty. It's been well over a year since the whole thing was set in motion, and as far as we can tell the sky hasn't fallen down on us in any spectacular fashion as you might expect if our fears were truly realized. Speaking as a skeptic of this whole debacle since the beginning, I think we as the community really need to actually just pretend like this deal never even happened. Now before you skewer me with your flaming pitchfork, let me explain what I mean. DE is ultimately responsible for the state of Warframe - and we must hold them solely accountable. If it turns out that DE actually sold their soul to the devil or something, it will resonate into the quality of the game. And if that were to happen, only DE would be to blame. And the same goes as if this deal never happened - if DE were to flub it up, we'd be here to call them out on it. China or no China. So, as I said, I think it's in our best interest if we all just disregard these corporate dealings as anything relevant to the player base. If there's a problem with the game, let's address it regardless of who is to blame for said problem.
  14. My entire opinion about direct Chinese integration into Warframe's lore and content is basically: I dunno man, something feels kinda weird here. I think arguing that there's some sort of invasive cultural appropriation happening here is silly. Try to say that Warframe is drifting one way or another in that regard is a splitting hairs contest that isn't worth having. That being said, I think most people would agree, even many "Star Armor" players, that Warframe's initial grab factor is its abstractness. The fact that it is difficult to compare it to any one style or culture or reference is what makes the game interesting from an immersive standpoint. By tying so much content (and no, I don't mean the existing content, I mean all of the future Chinese-based content that is to come) to specific Chinese themes/stories/etc. I think it takes something away from that bit of mystery. I would even go so far as to say that it hurts the Chinese players more in that regard than the rest of the playerbase. I dunno man, something feels weird.
  15. DJ_Redwire

    Coming Soon: Devstream #65, Final 2015 Stream!

    Spoiler free Second Dream question: The Second Dream quest was groundbreaking in ways not thought possible. Love it or hate it, Warframe for many has been completely changed. Much of the lore leading up to the Second Dream quest, while not as monumental, was more or less directly hinting to the huge reveal in the Second Dream. Some of those bits and pieces of lore have been in the game since closed beta. My question to the team is then, was the lore that the Second Dream reveals a recent creation that was designed to tie into everything preceding it, or has it been a part of Warframe since the beginning and we just couldn't see it?