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  1. I am going to laugh at you. Also, who in their right minds pays 6000 plat for a Scoliac riven? There are plenty of good ones for like 2000 and less. The other thing is that they even announced they will nerf spin2win ages ago. The telegraphs were everywhere.
  2. I feel like our ability to kill high-level enemies has been severely hindered. Other than that I am ok with the changes. Blood Rush and Condition Overload were crucial for long runs. I hope you can at least do something regarding armor scaling. CO/Maiming/Blood Rush made less popular weapons and those with lesser stats usable. Now no one will use them.
  3. It is not bannable. I went out of my way to ask DE Support directly. It took some time to get a response, but here it is:
  4. Greetings, I'd like to report a bug regarding the Exploiter Orb. In the past when you kill the Orb, it took about 20 seconds for it to do its death animation and drop the loot. Now every time I've done the fight (and other people repported the same) it took double the amount of time, so about 40 seconds. I have recorded the incident. At the 20th second you can notice it does the drop animation but nothing happens.
  5. Greetings, fellow Tenno! I am starting a bounty on some rare containers. Whoever finds one of the containers I will list below, and invites me, will be rewarded upon successful scan of the said container. Reinforced Orokin Storage Container - 1000 Platinum Reinforced Grineer Storage Container - 700 Platinum Rare Orokin Storage Container - 500 Platinum Forgotten Grineer Storage Container - 300 Platinum The bounty will be active until I complete each Codex entry for the said containers. I will keep this thread updated. This is my current progress on the containers: My timezone is CEST (Central European Summer Time) and I am mostly online throughout the day. My ingame name is Haelbrecht, feel free to add me if you wish so. P.S. Even if you destroy a rare container, it is still possible to scan it. It is also impossible to invite someone if the objective has been completed.
  6. Greetings! I wish to report a bug which I came across while replaying The War Within quest. During the operator part in the caves on Earth, I decided to let a Ravenous Golden Maw 'eat' me on purpose, and there was no visual representation of the creature. I repeated the process several times and every time the creature was invisible, as I will show you in the YouTube video: To my knowledge, I haven't done anything out of the ordinary to achieve this bug.
  7. Finally. This is the change I hoped we're gonna get. Thank you!
  8. Really hoped the Eidolon Ephemera was going to be an achievement... oh well
  9. Thanks for the changes! The operator-only 'challenge' is pretty cool, would love to have more of those.
  10. Literally no one asked for the revives. The whole thing of not having any revives was adding a dose of thrill to a game where mortality in a mission is non-existent basically. When I saw "Arbitrations Revisited" I sincerely hoped you would revisit the time needed to get a vitus essence rotation in certain mission types (excavation vs defense), and adding more interesting enemy variations and interactions. Endo rewards are too small. The only mission that is comparable with Vodyanoi is the excavation arbitration if you are doing it perfectly. Get rid of the 10 minutes rotations, they are way too long. Also, if we are getting more rivens, can we at least get an increase to the riven limit?
  11. This update is AMAZING!!! I am beyond words.
  12. I like the change. Thank you. You heard it boys, start selling those arcanes before the prices drop!
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