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  1. The Infested Demolyst Agents at Ur are in desperate need of a pathfinding upgrade - they have a high tendency to get stuck at random objects or corners. There is another bug not highlighting the Demolysts even if you stand directly infront of them. A screenshot where both happend at once is here:
  2. i dont know what you did, but since this update the wolf and/or companion is broken. before the update dropped i had an encounter at least every 3rd to 4th mission with at least his minions or even the wolf himself. since the update i have not had a single spawn in over 50 missions. i still farm the same maps so i know you changed something. pls fix... thats very very annoying... edit: had a minion trio spawn once now, so one spawn in ~70 runs. thats not the spawnrate i had all the week before that patch.
  3. @DE: do not nerf Itzal ! it is the ONLY viable Archwing in PoE and the Vallis, because all the other Archwings are straight up BROKEN! Amneshas invulnerability mode for example DOES NOT WORK! if a rocket hits you you will loose your archwing, you are downed. and itzals blink and invisability BOTH break the missile-lock. => this means: Nerfing Itzal does not make us use the other Archwings more. it only annoys the hell out of your community. again @DE: start playing your own game stop nerfing things that are working well start fixing all the thing in need of fixing - like broken Archwing abilitys on all the other archwings in the open worlds?! or host-migrations?!
  4. thx for the fixes to the Exploiter Orb bossfight, but 1.) the Coolant Raknoids at the Exploiter Orb fight need a delay before they cool down the orb. at least one or two seconds.it is IMPOSSIBLE as solo player to cover every side of the boss. currently a solofight takes up to 45 minutes and longer if the Raknoids happen to sapwn in a unfortunate way. 2.) in combination with the Exploiter Orb hugging walls, mountainsides, curling up in the hole, which i already mentioned in another post, and strange fracture behaviour (spawning underground or miles away) the bossfight becomes very annoying - even frustrating at times. 3.) please give us a way to group up "the easy way" (e.g. as a bounty) 4.) DE please think about adding a few days to the event - give everyone who is currently at it more time to manage their goals.
  5. 1.) Please alter the Eploiter-Orbs path. it is hard to keep track of the Coolant Raknoids if the Expoiter Orb first hugs the wall (phase 2/2) and then decides to settle itself in that hole to the left (phase 2/3) which makes killing the Coolant Raknoids even harder due to it sitting in that pit. 2.) the hitbox of the Exploiter Obs legs is WAY too big. making it impossible to stay under it to kill the raknoids once the Exploiter-Orb settels in its hole. the hole i am talking about is to the right of my crossair, the wall to the left. please change the path of the Exploiter Orb because this is only annoying and draws out an already lengthy fight even further. especially as solo encounter. 3.) apart from all that, the fractures sometimes stop spawning for a few minutes 4.) fractures often spawn 300-400m away from the Orb 5.) Thermia sometimes despawns after using on a fracture leaving the player empty handed the Boss fight itself is great. i really like the mechanics and the "hands-on" approach. only the fact that a single fight takes upwards of 20 minutes to complete and the myriade of bugs that litter all over the place make it annoying.
  6. after using the Opticore Vandal for some time i have to beg you DE: please buff its damage and fix the bugs it has. bugs i noticed: * punchthrou only works 75% of the time. roughly one in 4 shots gets stopped by a railing or even thinner stuff * AOE effect sometines wont trigger if you shoot the floor directly infront or besides a target - i assume its another punchtrou issue * when aiming for a head, the hitbox of an arm (not the arm itself) should not stop me from getting a headshot (i.e. every type of heavy gunner) - yea.... punchtrou & hitbox (i guess) damage should be buffed by at least 25%-50% (better would be 100%). currently the weapon struggles very hard (compared to the standard thing) at killing everything thats not a peon when above lvl100. And i am sorry to say that and its sad that i am forced to put my riven modded Opticore Vandal (with 102% cc) away and get out my sidearm because the gun is no longer capable of getting the job done. considering the effort one has to go throu to get it, and thinking about what Vandal and Wraith hava been until now, the gun needs a drastic increase in damage to make it at least a minimal upgrade to the original Opticore. as of now its only a sidegrade for <lvl80 content. for everything above the standard Opticore is still the only viable Opticore due to the Vandals weak terminal ballistics. alternativly you could improve how the enemy scaling in therms of armour, hp, ... work in a high lvl environment. that would be even more amazing because it would improve many things.
  7. i really like the new system (the wolf), but please revisit the challenges. * some of the challenges are done in ~2 minutes like the killing of 500 random mobs. maybe increase it to idk 5000 or 2500. * others literally cant be done by some people (eg 5 ayatans in a single week is impossible if you havent cleared the starchart, and a sortie with friends or clanmembers). my friends are also my clanmates and the last time one of them was online was some 3xx days ago. other people simply have no friends or paly spolo only because of potato internet. beeing locked out of a challenge because of this isnt nice. * and some challenges dont make sense like the "kill hydrolyst" challenge. why the second one? it only messes up tridolon for many because people run off as soon as they have their challenge done. so please make it "kill teralyst" or "kill all 3 eidolons".
  8. why debt-bonds?!?! people who are able to take down that spider alredy are MAX RANK with solaris united.... change that into toroids or other spider-specific lot. but NOT debt-bonds... please.
  9. why debt-bonds?!?! people who are able to take down that spider alredy are MAX RANK with solaris united.... change that into toroids or other spider-specific lot. but NOT debt-bonds... please.
  10. Staticor Changes: Quick fire area-of-effect returned to 2m as intended. Charged fire now deals self damage. <<<<REALLY?! WHY?!?!?!
  11. thx, Ojective-Marker-Fix when PLEASE?
  12. * K-DRIVE still broken/bugged to a point it is unusable (e.g. getting stuck in "gind"-mode, no reaction to control input) * FISHING in caves does NOT work at all (e.g. bait drops into the void?!) * PRESERVATION animals often don't spawn after the call (~30% of the time) * high-lvl bountys close to impossible to solo * locking Garuda beihind ~270.000 standing is a bad joke...(Tier 4 @ SU and BPs)
  13. thx for changes, improvements and fixes!
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