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  1. The only mastery block to do The War Within is 5, and personally when I was at that level I didn't even know how mastery went up, getting to sedna at mastery 13 seems absurd to me.
  2. I just saw that putting toxin mods on the Mutalist Cernos provides an incorrect damage boost. The charged damage of the Mutalist Cernos has a total damage of 415 of which 5 is toxin, putting the mod Infected Clip (+ 90% Toxin) increases the damage only to 419.5, this happens because the mod only affects the damage from toxin already present and not the total damage as it should.
  3. It seems to me that the rush to create new content that comes out is distracting attention from solving the problems of the previous ones, which remain broken, incomplete or inefficient. 1) Kuva Lich. The kuva lichs are ruining the experience for new players, some may even quit the game to see that guy who doesn't die and continues to steal resources i am often hearing of new players getting stuck with kuva liches with no idea how to defeat them or have the proper equipment. I think making them spawn from The War Within is excessive, they should spawn much later, for example having
  4. Rather I wonder why it is a frame mod when the effect is clearly focused on the weapon.
  5. Maybe is like the Arca Plasmor or Catchmoon, this would explain the large hitbox and bullets continuing to travel after dealing area damage.
  6. Already the supra is one of the most powerful corpus weapons, now they use it much more often and it is stronger than before. if I also had a supra with AoE it might be fine.
  7. This would involve feeding liches to helminth, and I hate them so much that it would be fine for me.
  8. I don't like the basic helmet so, since grendel was released, I've been there waiting for every single nightwave reset hoping that helmet would come out ....
  9. Why sacrifical pressure when primed pressure point?
  10. And one is gone, now I just have to wait for the other 3, probably forever.
  11. Umbral redirection had to be there right away, shield frames are currently penalized by not being able to increase umbral intensify buff. Then I would also like primed stretch, for streamline no, the maximum efficiency is 175 so it wouldn't help much, I would like more an exilius with + 15% efficiency to be combined with fleeting expertise.
  12. For me more than 30 minutes for a single boss is a ridiculous amount of time, making something longer does not make it even more difficult, that's why that 250% seems too much to me.
  13. If you really think that most players have all the riven / platinum / resources / cosmetics they want then you are wrong. I never talked about rush, simply if by the completion of all the steel path nodes I do not have the steel essence I need (which is 100% sure), I will not come back to try to farm it in these conditions. Many players don't like the idea of doing hard activities without reward, the fact that there are people playing just for fun doesn't change that, in a loot-based game, steel path is currently not enough.
  14. As far as I know the maximum level is 175 for a mastery 29, and I said in a previous answer that they should add the steel path modifier for the siulacrum as well.
  15. You are talking about a minority. Usually when you have top tier gear you are supposed to go on high tier missions and get cosmetic items, and so is steel path but bad, the items that can be purchased are few and the prices are not at all balanced compared to the drop rate. They undoubtedly exist but you can't expect everyone to think that way, especially in loot-based gaming.
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