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  1. second attempt with more pieces of information: ok, let's see, again 22 years old, came from Italy and I study psychology at the university. I studied philosophy for a year before joining my dream faculty, it wasn't wasted time, or at least in my perspective, it was a nice way (and also quite pricey) to make some discoveries about myself and what type of person I am, and i also learned how badly I wanted to leave that faculty. I've played a lot of games both single players and MMO's like BDO, Blade e soul, kritika online, soul worker, bless online, dark and light, overwatch, for honor, Vindictus etc... I've always tried to join very calm communities were I could possibly make new friends from around the world, and enjoy the contents of the game, where I couldn't find one I'll make one, I was and still am in charge of some guilds in some of the games I mentioned. for warframe I wanted to be a part of something so that I will be able to share as much as possible, I really like to group up with people help if possible during game both with fiscal help in missions or with information about the game, sharing what little experience I gained so far. I 'ma very 'chill' person, someone might say almost associal, but in reality, I just don't talk if the conversation is already saturated with people and I can't add any new information, but other than that I'm very talkative and easy on making very long conversations, I already speak English on a level were I'm easily understandable by people but i think you can always improve and especially i wanted to get rid of my accent hahaha
  2. hello, everybody, my in-game alias is Lunastorta96 I would like to join this clan for a couple of reasons: first of all, I really like shy's video and sense of humor and as soon as I heard that she had a comunity\clan on the game I had to look it up. plus I've always wanted to bee in a truly 'active' community to enjoy the game and meeting new people. I'm fairly active, in my daily routine I should always be online, probably not all day (also due to a different time zone) but surely every day for a couple of hours. so about myself, I would prefer my name to remain private, in fact, I always go by 'luna' in every game I play and discord I join, nothing personal, it's just that I don't feel very comfortable when people that i don't know in real life, call me by my real name. other than that I'm a student at a psychology university, I come from Italy, 22 years of age, I really like gaming, anime, boys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and drawing.
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