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  1. DE is usually very good about applying what-polarity-goes-where for each frame, with 2 or 3 "why is it THIS" exceptions. You can farm the Aura Forma, probably more easily than you can farm certain frames.
  2. Alright, this has gotten wonderfully off topic. All the same, I want to chip in that you cannot understand the small pain of having your phone wake you up at 3 am because there is a alert for an Orokin reactor, which you desperately need for your newly built Rhino, because the star chart isn't gonna unlock itself. Booting your computer, playing one mission, starting reactor construction in your foundry, then looking at the time to see that you need to be at work in just two hours. New system is much, much kinder - better for all players.
  3. We all know that, eventually, your favorite syndicates will be picking up mods for our new speedster, so, fan concepts gogogo. Catalytic Inversion (augment for Gauss's Thermal Sunder) Tapping drains the battery and produces a heat damage effect, Holding charges the battery and produces a cold damage effect, using both produces a blast damage on effected enemies, and when in redline restores health and shields to Gauss based on number of enemies damaged. Reasons: 1. Yes, this flips the tap / hold powers normally produced by thermal sunder, which 2. This provides Gauss with a small amount of sustain, because while it is very easy to become 100% immune to multiple forms of damage, he does not have an existing recovery mechanic other than picking up orbs. Frame Drafting (augment for Gauss's Mach Rush) When activated, all allies within (distance, possibly scaling) gain a (percentage, possibly scaling) speed boost for (duration, possibly scaling) Reasons: 1. Gauss's team support roles are currently fairly limited, he can armor strip a small area, and CC somewhat chaotically, but he is very much a hit & run frame. 2. Helping the party is always a plus. Reactive Armor (a Kinetic Plating augment) Damage taken from electric, radiation, or magnetic sources extends the duration of Kinetic Plating (optionally: may also charge Gauss's battery in the process) Reasons: 1. Situational coverage and protection for Gauss, notably against corrupted and Corpus enemies. 2. Does not make his armor invincible, just extends it's functions, as a good mod should. Blue Shift (a Redline augment) During Redline while the gauge is above 80%, and Gauss kills an enemy, Gauss produces waves of energy that restore shields and energy to allies within (distance) of Gauss. Reasons 1. Team support is good, providing energy is arguably one of the best team supports. 2. I kept thinking Blue Shift would be a fun name for a Red Line mod, on our resident speedyboi. Thoughts? Gauss, as he is, has a mile of leeway in his mods (as I perceive it), since most players have put literally every sprint speed mod on him, so he's probably going to be able to take two augments without much trouble.
  4. Whenever a weapon comes into "the meta" it immediately makes certain types of players obsess over it. There is a "meta" to hunting eidolons. You need one of a select list of frames, built to perform one of the select roles for eidolon hunting. You need to have corrosive projections equipped to three team members so you strip 90% of the armor. You have to get the correct amp so you deplete the shields. You need the right focus talents to increase your operator performance, but most of all, if you want to improve your efficiency, getting a sniper rifle riven is an absolute must. The Rubico Prime is currently "the meta" for hunting eidolons. It's riven disposition is tanking right now, sure, due to heavy use among the eidolon farming set, but even a one-spot riven is potentially better than sticking a 60/60 on in it's place. The sheer number of people using the Rubico is precisely why it has such a low disposition. If fewer people were using it, you would see the power of the riven grow, just like Lanka has seen tiny ticks up in disposition since Rubico prime was unveiled. And while it may take Lanka a long time to crawl out of the hole that it's users dug for it - it will eventually achieve a harmonious balance with the Rubico Prime.
  5. We've seen a zealoid. It showed up as a new infested unit in the empyrean demo. It looks like a more melee focussed ancient, with a massive smashy arm. So, good to see infested getting new units. The zealots are already somewhat impressive, though their numbers are few, running into people packing heavy infested weaponry is a legit threat, and would provide a significant change to how you confront the usual waves on waves of enemy infested. The zealoids should be a good boss fight for whatever new infested weapon we're getting! Hope for a two handed nikana to rival my tatsu!
  6. "The Riven System" is really vague, indistinct set of multiple moving parts we should break down a bit. 1) Getting a riven You have a fixed percentage chance to get a riven mod each day from sortie, should you choose to do the three missions. The three missions are of reasonable difficulty given the rewards pool. Overall, I do not believe any player has any problem with this as a method of obtaining a riven - except on days with spy missions because Ffffffff- 2) unveiling a riven The challenges to unveil a riven mod can be seen as a small, fourth mission addition to the sortie. Sometimes these are comically easy, sometimes they are impossible for a tenno to accomplish at the point they are in the game, however, the riven mod can be left alone in your inventory until you are ready to unveil it, traded with another player for a not insignificant amount of platinum even while veiled, or even just set on your preferred weapon to passively leech accomplishment over time. This is overall fine and acceptable. 3) Once unveiled As a player, a randomly selected weapon which you may or may not own or be of sufficient MR to use, just got a potential massive increase in power along a random set of parameters, or you might get a piece of abject crap that grants +magazine size to a bow or -100% damage on anything. The result is extremely random. My first riven was for the Tiberon, a gun I only knew because I had most of the parts for the prime variant in my foundry, but was not high enough MR to build it. So, instead of trading away my riven or doing more sorties, I started a weeks long MR grind to be able to use that selectable fire rifle, and Tiberon prime remains one of my most used guns, despite, on reflection, the riven I have for it being merely good, not amazing like many later unveils. 4) re-rolling, the kuva grind. Here's probably the stumbling block. Once unveiled, re-rolling the stats requires a steadily increasing amount of kuva, plateauing at the 10th roll. Because every stat is changed on a re-roll, it always causes this brief moment of panic: is 83% multishot and with bonus electric damage and an expanded magazine worth losing my 120% critical chance with reduced recoil and projectile flight speed? (I'm not specifying any weapons here, but you've all had to make a choice between two "not exactly what I wanted" results like this before). The accepted fastest way to farm kuva is (with no boosters or pet chicanery in this explanation) at the top of the hour, do the kuva flood mission. Then go do kuva survivals until either your party starts dying or they manage to destroy a harvester, extract, then do one or two kuva syphon missions while waiting for the flood to reset as the clock strikes the next hour. Understatement incoming: This can get somewhat monotonous. However, this can be rectified with the inclusion of additional game modes that provide comparable amounts of Kuva, for example, the nightwave offering 10k kuva for just doing nightwave missions that we would do normally is a fantastic inclusion, and the upcoming Kuva Fortress Disruption game node, we may be seeing less tedious kuva farming on the horizon. 5) trading (or, why the last vestiges of the riven mafia will never be eradicated) Here's the issue: in a market where the quality of a product has a direct impact on its price, but also the awareness of the seller is a key factor, there will be people who prey on ignorance. A perfect riven for the meta weapon might be traded by a foolish player to a cunning dish-rag of a human in exchange for an Ammo drum and promises of Hollywood fame, with how hard they are being "me too"'d. Mine took a Rubico riven for a Prova riven they had allready rolled 10 times. Yes, they are in my clan. Yes, I hold it against them. Still salty. 6) final thoughts Overall, the "riven system" is fine. The only issues come from monotonous survival missions (which DE is addressing), the random rerolls (which you can take or leave at your leisure), and human waste that defraud newbies for their lucky spoils. You know who you are.
  7. The state of MMOs, either you get some big drops of content and tons of bugs, some will go unresolved for years, like in Rust or Ark, or you get less content, but the dev team irons out the bugs consistently before making another dump. I prefer the latter.
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