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  1. By four octavia noggles combined, I am Captain Octavia!
  2. Okay, the post says "melee and rifle" But the rivens in the shop say "zaw and rifle" And in practice people are unveiling zaw and kitgun. This needs to be addressed, since there's a difference.
  3. TYPE: in-game damage modifiers DESCRIPTION: equipping +elemental damage mods on the Muralist Cernos results in unusual damage values compared to other weapons. VISUAL: sorry, phone poster REPRODUCTION: open arsenal, With a clean Muralist Cernos, damage values are: I: 369 P: 20.5 S: 20.5 Toxin: 5 Equip RIME ROUNDS in last slot:. Damage now includes Viral: 8, Cold: 246 Equip Thermite Rounds + High Voltage. Damage now Radiation: 6, Viral 8, Cold 246 EXPECTED RESULT: With Rime Rounds, Expected 5 toxin to turn into 249 Viral. With Radiation 60/60's equipped and
  4. TYPE: Quality of Life (super low priority) DESCRIPTION: in the arsenal, while upgrading a Warframe it is possible to click & grab the name of a mod configuration slot, and exchange that mod configuration with another on your Warframe. However, Helminth abilities remain infused on the original mod config position - so of you want the mods + arcanes + ability that you have in slot C when you pull a frame out of arsenal, and re-arrange the mod config of C to first position, you only swap the mods and arcanes over, not the ability. Like I said, super low priority. Just quality of l
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