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  1. The big thing is that in Warframe, there are many, MANY frames that offer some amount of support. Rhino, for instance, offers Roar support for additional damage, Chroma's auras can offer small buffs in a tight radius around him, Nezha can handout rings like candy. Trinity is a "pure" support, and her abilities are 3/4 support for allies, 1/4 additional self survival. In terms of "Team first" frames, she's #1, but her specific forms of support, giving health and energy, are far more important in the early game than in the late game. By the time most players have reached the higher MRs they have access to things like Zenurik energy soda and use their void dashes to restore health to the frame and operator. She's still rock solid, from a design standpoint, but her abilities are not as useful to YOU anymore. Now, let's compare her to the immediate competition: Equinox is much slower at providing healing, having to first switch from "i do ember's job but better" to night form, then activate their mending power, charge it, and then release in a quick overkill burst of healing. Assuming you are within the area of effect, you'll get a pulse similar to well of life, but without the invincibility. Nekros does leave health orbs everywhere, less effective if you get knocked down, staggered, or have foolishly depleted the general region of health orbs. Oberon heals at a steady rate - and offers status immunity with potential for instant revives. That said, you do need to go visit the grassy lawn periodically to refresh the protection effects, and at higher levels the regeneration is not enough to overcome the large burst damage enemies can be capable of. Nezha can provide a ring of extra HP around you, which is pretty good as far as protection goes. Titania has a series of very situational-to-achieve buffs which are not immediately clear for their effects to unwary players. Nidus can only "link" one other player at a time, and if either you or the nidus bounce around too much the link will break. Octavia provides more buffs than you could possibly know what to do with, and casting near her causes a slow energy regeneration. Not as good as energy vampire, but the other buffs definitely help. Harrow can heal, provide energy, CC, grant invulnerability and give big crits - all at the reasonable cost of needing to constantly get kills with his guns - just needing to get them away their teammates. Gara can provide 90% damage reduction, in a manner similar to Nezha's ring of HP. Khora can sic her steel kitty on allies to grant them a healing buff. Works well as a bodyguard, not so much for whole team protection. Garuda makes blood totems that work similarly to Trinity's 1. Hers do sometimes get up and walk away, though. Baruuk's daggers behave as a form of damage mitigation, disarming many enemies (and forcing them to melee). Hildryn's overshields, shield gating, and rapid shield regeneration is, in a way similar to a constant well of life effect, while also doing ember's job better. Wisp's life reservoir not only can grant incredibly high regeneration, it also boosts your base HP total, which is a very potent combination. Overall ,you can see that while many frames do things *like* trinity, none does what she does quite as well, and almost all recently released frames also have some form of Support built in to their kit.
  2. I, for one, look forward to moving into a place where i don't bump my head when i try to climb the stairs too quickly.
  3. the robotics slot is good for new players, considerably less so for MR 27's. Ah well. There will be uses for them in the future.
  4. There are currently 40 frames 20 male, 20 female Banshee has a large AoE that does damage over time and stunlocks many enemies - but she's better used for her support skill that can paint an enemy with bright glowing spots of free crits for multiple multiplicatives of damage. Equinox has a nuclear option, unquestionably - but she also has a very fast large AoE heal effect and the ability to boost the team's power strength quite significantly. Frost has a AoE Nuke with a guaranteed Freeze proc that buys you time to kill things the initial damage did not. - he also has a nigh impenetrable bubble of defense, which he is more famous for. Hydroid can stand a quarter kilometer away from whatever he wants to nuke - then bring down a barrage of corrosive shells or burst out of the ground with a kraken of bonus loot. but his frame is also very difficult to kill, since he can just melt into the ground at any time. Why am i writing like this? Because nuke / tank is a load of bologna and you can play any frame you like. Mesa's ability to jam guns makes her just not take damage from nearby enemies - but her peacemakers enable her to turn grineer into chunky salsa. Ash's smoke bomb enable him to just not take damage from enemies, but his bladestorm turns grineer into chunky salsa. Tanks don't have to stand still and eat a facefull of explosions, Dodge Tank and Stun Tank are both viable interpretations of the archetype, as anyone who played Final Fantasy Tactics can attest - If the effect is the same, an enemy's damage output is mitigated, then the rest is semantics.
  5. The following events resulted in a hard crash to desktop - + in simulacrum + Deploy 1 Alkonost + deploy 1 each of Crewman, Detron, Sniper, Tech, Prod, Overtaker, Terra plasmor, Terra trencher, nullifier, (most important) Warden. + Invincibility annoy them. The Alkonost will, quickly, pick up a unit to supercharge it. After supercharging whatever is closest to it, the Alkonost will eventually pick up a warden, and the game will hard crash. Attempted to recreate this with just wardens + the alkonost, but it does not seem to engage a pure warden corpus team to supercharge them. Same for 1 crewman + 1 warden. also ingnores warden with 9x crewman and 1 warden. Only happens if the warden is mixed in with a multitude of other units. So, i've gotten it to happen twice this morning. I hope you can recreate it too.
  6. Only complaint i have, currently, or ever: The naramon lens is the only focus lens that comes guaranteed from this event as a very common drop. There are no events with guaranteed Madurai, Zenurik, Vazarin, or Unairu lenses. I'd very much like it if All five schools' lenses were available, perhaps each at 1/5th the drop rate of the individual lens.
  7. Came here because Wisp has replaced another of vauban's abilities - her shock reservoir has a base 100% proc chance, and automatically targets 5 or more enemies at once - and since it self-latches, it's a more effective version of the Tesla grenade stuck to an ally. It's far cheaper than placing a similar number of tesla grenades to yield the same effect, and it's still valuable in high level content because of the base 100% status proc chance.
  8. Entitlement is a buzzword created by marketing people in damage control mode over disappointing games . The shifting of blame from themselves and developers to the customers started back around the point where EA acquired the Star Wars license, and then proceeded to release a stripped-down hollow version of a title that had already had two previous quality installments, charge the same price for it, and be surprised when there was negative feedback about this move. Customers have these things inside their bodies called 'expectations", which they get from what they have been told about the promised product. Marketing is usually responsible for making all the promises about the product, and when the developers fail to meet the expectations set by the marketing department, and the customers express their displeasure with the finished product - suddenly they are entitled man babies who need to grow up and stop being upset that they were defrauded of $60. Luckily, Warframe has very low entitlement - players see a free-to-play title and install it with 0 expectations, and then they are amazed by what DE puts out for free. Even after years of play, the most common "Gimmie thing!" style complaint i see comes from people who have seen Thing on the Devstream, which is a clear indication that DE is working on Thing right now. Yes, there are people who are impatient, there are even people who sometimes get upset, think DE did Thing wrong, but overall, we're very happy with the state of Thing. We anticipate Thing, with optimism born of past experiences with Thing, and we trust DE to make another Thing that lives up to the quality standards DE has established. Nobody is standing between us and DE, telling us that "You don't want Thing, you want Other Thing. Trust us, we Know Better". no one is claiming "People who want Thing are just horrible bad wrong people". No one of significance, at least. We instead have a weekly prime time and twice monthly Devstream, where we get to hear from the developers themselves "Yes, we know people liked Thing - but we had to do Unpopular Action to it because Reason." Now, this does wonders for keeping 'entitlement' in Warframe astonishingly low. Compare to Anthem's failed attempt at their own Devstream. The entire audience wanted to talk about Loot, especially how little of it there was and how badly it was implemented, and the developers came straight out and said "we don;'t want to talk about Loot. We want to talk about Level Design. Because we like our Level Design" I suppose my summary could be "Bad Marketing creates unhappy customers, then marketing ascribes a negative term to them in order to protect their own reputation. DE does not have these problems."
  9. Every time I've speared a GLORIOUS, LUMINOUS fish in the plains and held aloft the florescent light itself.
  10. The only time there is a problem with AFK in index is when it's done with a random squad, and nobody is gathering points. A plurality of Mesas and Umbras with no Inaros or Rhino can result in loads of loose points sitting on the floor and nobody who is confident enough to go pick those up.
  11. Wait, how do Sentient cores generate focus?
  12. There's two sides to the "is focus abandoned?" question. One is the limited availability of focus, as a experience system - daily caps and the limited cetus night system, which makes the massive focus requirements for some parts of the trees seem insurmountable compared to their value. And there has not been a new way to obtain focus in quite a long time - ESO being the most recent. The other is the limited size of the focus trees. Many veterans who farmed the Eidolons to the point of achieving solo 3x3 or even team 5x3 runs - and they gained so much subsequent focus that they capped out all their trees and have no other place to spend it. We sit in between the new players who are struggling to gain focus, and the veterans with surplus focus and no place to spend it. Personally, my problem is with Eidolon Shards. Not Brilliant, Radiant, or Synthetic Eidolon Shards - the stock Eidolon Shards. Check your inventory - I have well over a thousand of them, and they do nothing.
  13. I like the "golden eyes" passive, If it was just "see enemies through walls" or highlighted through the environment. I don't think it needs the fire immunity or the seeing through illusions thing. Concept for his first ability, > he grows 1-4 extra spectral / energy arms (1 at rank 0, 4 at rank 3), which hold shadow copies of his melee weapon, each time he takes a melee swing, his Asura arms take immediate follow up swings (at slightly reduced damage) - if they connect for melee they also add to combo counter, retaining Wukong's Enhanced Combo ability from his previous passive. This does mean he stacks Weeping Wounds and Blood Rush much faster than other frames. Defy is fine, and should stay the same. Cloud Walker could be changed into a mobility / team buffing ability. On ability activation, you disappear into the cloud (for a limited period of time) and grant a form of concealment to all your allies inside the radius of your cloud. Enemies shooting into the cloud . inside the cloud have reduced accuracy or awareness. Holding the button would cause you to jet off a reasonable distance in cloud form and then return to normal. Simiar to Zephyr's first power. As for the Iron staff - it can and should be made more comparable to the other exalted weapons. As it is, i'd sooner take Bo prime.
  14. "Puppeteer" ephemora: the ghostly shape of the operator "rides" your Warframe, with their hands sunk into your frames shoulder blades, and their knees in the middle of your frames back, you get the impression of an operator in void mode being tethered to the frame but transferring out slightly to get a better look around. Maybe it requires a mote amp to craft?
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