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  1. Banshee is amazing for survivals precisely because she can murder stuff fast enough to not be concerned about life support, which is an issue in SP (though 5min you can last with most anything). The only thing she needs for survivability is silence, rolling guard and some way to restore shields (either dragon key +brief respite + augur set or condemn/pillage). In fact in the long run Inaros is worse because he has less damage, less CC and no shield gating. Banshee's only problem is Corpus being unaffected by silence because nullis and combas. You heathens just don't know
  2. Sometimes I sneak out with Ivara on SP missions to satisfy weird Simaris fetishes, but there's a catch. My panzercat thinks scanning a target is a form of aggression and proceeds to murder SP grineer. I mean spores themselves don't kill, but woe the poor sods who become targets of her spit.
  3. I think this envisioning is broken ATM, since DOT damage calculation is borked. Or, rather, is near useless on MfD. What apparently happens right now is when you, say, use a rapier heavy attack with a forced slash proc on the marked target, the resulting slash proc gets multiplied by 0.75 (or whatever max HP shenanigans) , then by the target DR due to armour, and then the resulting damage gets dealt as the AoE DOT. Meaning the supposed Heavy Gunner in a crowd of trash is actually the worst target to proc off. The resulting AoE slash proc from a lvl100 Corrupted Heavy Gunner would dea
  4. But you already can do that. Clicking on an item in the scrap interface selects it and puts it into the widow on the right. Kinda like trading works. You don't have to press "scrap" after selecting a single item.
  5. I didn't even use lures for deimos conservation, because the infamous deimos clipping makes following tracks a huge pain. I even did most of the conservation with sound off. You just hop into awing, pull out tranq rifle and fly with the scope on around the borders of the map and look for blips. Also If you see infested running around - they are fighting the wildlife. Free lunch for Konzu! The only 2 problems are dragonflies - they tend to live closer to the center of the map and aren't highlighted, so hunting them is a separate venue; and birds. But birds are equally bad ev
  6. Eeeh. I started out soloing eidolons with a Rhino, opticor and mote amp (and zero focus). That was a fun S#&$show that took whole night to maybe kill a terry, but got me enough cores to up standings to build an amp that doesn't suck as much. Though Rhino was quickly switched out for Oberon, and Opticor for lanka I think. I wouldn't run solo for arcane farming though. Except maybe for the initial set of nullifiers, but even they aren't that necessary, just convenience. You need to do a LOT of tricaps (hunderds to thousands) to get all the arcanes in good quantities, and so
  7. Haven't gotten to high level SP disruptions yet, only been to Mars (bruteforcing that with melee was enough. At least much MUCH easier than trying the same during the event), but some points 1) Wisp buffs aren't dispelled by nullli pulses, and one of them is attack speed and movement speed. Ergo Wisp is really good at blendering demos. 2) When disruption first hit, I used Ivara to solo it during the event. Went fine up to circa 175-200 lvls (except energy drain modifier sucks and would suck double in SP since you can't spam pizzas). The main ideas were - invis gives you stealth
  8. What to put on 4? I'm thinking shatter shield or ensnare. My problem is open spaces (like new corpus ship tileset) where stun from silence doesn't give enough time to clear all the surrounding mob. I run neutral range normally.
  9. Spectrosiphon. If you have poor efficiency and duration, it means you have noice range and kill stuff. Ergo orb shower.
  10. Titania? Corpus? Can we talk about Sk8terb0is? I'm slowly doing steel path stuff, and yesterday was my first time on SP mob def on the new corpus ship. Lantern - doesn't cast? What's that? Low energy? Nope. Invalid target? WTF is that? Oh dog, that nullie is gonna walk into my old lantern, need to him it ASAP. Razorwing - BRRT. Nothing happens. What the hell? Machinegun a crowd - no damage pops up. First run I lost to sk8terb0is because nothing works ever in the whole tile and a couple adjacent ones, and razorwing is apparently completely useless on the same map as them.
  11. Honestly I don't understand what's so OP about M4D. A situationally useful ability that only really works on certain frames. And even then is pretty much about as effective as throwing ensnare and swinging your sword at the resulting crowd. IMO the only neat stuff that came with it was a more reliable way to proc trickery. I mean Octavia exists. She does it better, map wide, ignores LoS, for less energy, and her gameplay is as interactive and engaging as watching paint dry. M4D at least encourages you to actually press buttons other than crouch.
  12. Resonance makes 2 spam itself for free provided you are being fed enough fodder to proc it off (doesn't work in sparsely populated extermination missions obviously). Now that shield gating exists, Banshee is already extremely SP viable for mission types not involving protecting an objective. And can blender a lvl5 lich in half a second. Honestly the only bad thing about her is 4. And subjectively bad is that she achieves survivability in the same way Rhino achieves stealth.
  13. I recently woke from cryosleep. Didn't know anything about leeches. I go into mission, some kuva guardian mumbles something incomprehensible, I wipe a random horde, stab some random dude left standing (didn't even see how he looks like). Then a wild lich appears. Then again, liches turned out to be easy. I think I killed the last lvl5 one with a low power strength Titania (built for lantern) in a small room while drinking tea and picking nose.
  14. I mean arcane trickery alone. Zero duration savage silence is annoying, IMHO low range is better since it doesn't require you to spam it (but you have to do some running around to kill tight groups and plan your targets). I could not proc trickery reliably enough to make it permanent, so skiajati is required to stay perma invisible.
  15. Can't rely on it. Skiajati is still required. Trickery on skiajati build gives you QoL to occasionally go on unrestrained murder spree. It can't keep up uninterrupted invisibility sadly.
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