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  1. Eh, it's working as intended judging by the video. I mean that's a non-crit plasmor build. It has what? 30K DPS at best? Prisma twin gremlins get about 35K burst DPS at a good day. A decent catchmoon gets you 150K+ burst DPS without a riven. So you get 5 times less damage than an okay catchmoon. Not to mention while you have Rhino, you don't have roar active in the plasmor part. And half the time inactive in twin gremlins part. Results are consistent with what everyone else has. I just tried roughly the same thing in simulacrum with a plasmor and got a similar result.
  2. Smite does initial flat damage plus percentage orbs. If orbs don't find a target, they boomerang back to the inital victim. It's a standard anti-boss tactic. As for the amount of enemies, I haven't tried to run the mode in an invisible group, so I'm not sure how full squad mobs look like when you don't slaughter them. But I can compare solo guns blazing versus solo invis, and subjective perception of the amount of enemies when you go loud is unrealistically high compared to their objective numbers (when you calmly look at them while going invisible). It's also worth mentioning that if you don't kill enemies, they don't respawn and tend to group in your tile making all the other tiles empty. So you get a demo running alone through empty corridors. If you can get to it fast, you will have a duel while trash mobs are running several tiles behind.
  3. "That buff" works on Smite. Main damage dealing ability against Demo is Smite. Lockdown is demo CC and Anti-amalgams to get keys. If swap for some reason affects Lockdown, it's inconsequential since you still want swap to buff Smite and Lockdown for QoL. Lockdown is a wrong tree to bark at, it does no damage to Demo. If it did, you wouldn't need special setups or specific frames to play this gamemode. You could just faceroll it with operators.
  4. Why do you even mention Lockdown if demo is killed with Smite?
  5. This really calls for a video. Not necessarily whole run, just a demo kill and a regular amalgam kill.
  6. Where can I haz ze guide? Asking for a friend On topic: Bugs happen even to the best of them. Expecting developers to bugfix every possible exploit in a complex game is asking them to not release it ever. You are expected to have common sense and recognize that switch teleporting Demo along a hallway for 1.5 minutes is clever use of game mechanics, while instakilling it is a clever abuse of game bugs. You know, considering the whole game mode is about trying to stop the Demo train which is supposed to get harder and harder. I guess WF playerbase is just not used to competitive environment and thus doesn't see anything wrong with abusing clearly unintended mechanics that normally "would not hurt anyone else". Thing is, once you go competitive, it would actually hurt. Any reasonable PvP-centered game would see (and have seen) the same response from developers in a similar situation. Though in WF case DE should probably cut people some slack for the first time offenders because they probably haven't had a chance to train a proper fair play mindset without an established competitive environment.
  7. Honestly, so far the only ability of hers I don't really like is Sol Gate, because it doesn't scale. Reservoir buffs are very strong for the duration and ease of use they offer. Blue one isn't that great as a reservoir, but pretty decent as a mote. Will-o-wisp could be faster, but it combines great with Breach Surge as is. Breach Surge is decent. It's not Radial Blind, but you can throw it around a corner with will-o-wisp, and there's some damage amplification and rad procs. Sol Gate generally meh, but at least it has a lot of punch through (maybe even infinite?). Good at clearing hidden trash.
  8. They aren't required. You are still capable of playing non-optimally. You don't need a full 4-man squad to do a tricap. You can do it solo. It will be slower and more annoying, but it's still possible. Optimal setups are required to run missions optimally. If a mission can be run optimally, it means there is an objective metric that can be used to compare different runs. Which gets us back to the good old ordered set with a maximum element. For tridolons it's the tricap time (actually it's tricaps per night, but for simplicity we'll just consider tricap time). If different setups result in different tricap times, there's objectively a best setup that results in the smallest tricap time. If you want to run optimally you are required to use this setup. Because any other setup will be slower. Objectively. If you don't want to run optimally, you can use whatever floats your boat. Honestly, you could solo tricap with Ember and Zenurik, but then you would want to siucide. If a mission can not be run optimally it either means that there's no objective metric to compare the results (how? why?), or that variation in results does not depend on your actions. At which point modding/improving/progression does not exist, only fashionframe.
  9. Because if you don't want optimal setups to be required, you want there to be no optimal setups. If there's a frame-specific damage multiplier, the frame with the best applicable multiplier will be required for the specific role like shooting eidolons. Effective DPS is a natural number. Set of natural numbers is ordered. Limited subset of natural numbers has a maximum element that is greater than all the other elements in that set. It is the "best effective DPS" element in this case. Which is meta. Meta is not a game design error or a free mason conspiracy. Meta is a natural property of objective reality.
  10. Nah, not entirely. You can remove non-weapon damage sources or modifiers from the game altogether and turn everyone into a CC/Utility frame. Then anyone can haz equal paper DPS. You would have to completely scrap the current game though.
  11. >Chroma nerf : vex armor buff is capped to 150% - 250%, with power strength only affecting the gain speed per damage taken Okay. I take out Titania and saw eidolon in half. I take out a Rhino with Mutalist Quanta and a rivened secondary and blow a hole in an eidolon. I take out an Ivara with rivened sancti castanas and blow up the eidolon. You are not required to use Chroma for eidolons. Even for 6x3s. Considering vex armour mechanics, capping it at 250% just turns Chroma into a S#&$tier version of Rhino overall (around 200% PS Rhino should have more damage on "normal" primary builds). >Map nuking nerf : the damage you can do to the area is capped, no more infinite scaling on damage and range reduction over time/per cast What is damage to the area? What if the area consists of a single lvl 300 Index mob that has individual EHP of a small army of lvl 80 ESO butchers? Does it mean the proposed change also introduces DPS cap on singular targets (one target in an area is still damage in an area), so we are not allowed to kill mobs past lvl 150? What about spores? They don't have an area. How much is the cap, considering that enemy EHP scales and damage cap does not? This is basically what Ember is - range reduction over time and capped damage.
  12. So, how do you expect to achieve this? Let's say we don't want oneshotting eidolon synovias with Chroma. How? No more map nuking. What do we do with Saryn, Volt and Equi? Considering the current state of Ember is the result of mindless "no more AoE map nuking".
  13. Basically I want this in our orbiter. Except with a sane video format instead of bink video. As for your question - dunno and don't want to test. Warframe linux launcher does not touch game files. It's just a script that does everything the normal launcher does, except it works under linux. No game file proper was harmed while doing this. Not even the original launcher, it just does not get used.
  14. Actually, you know what. EVE Online used to have captain's quarters. It was a relic of a failed attempt at walking in stations and was completely useless until it was removed completely after about 7 years of being in limbo. It had a couch with a big TV. Which normally ran New Eden news, but with some effort you could feed it your own video file. So you could watch your favourite animu IN GAME. So, you know, since fashionframe and orbiter decoration is actually endgame, how about we have Primed Prisma Screen that can show user-fed content in our orbiter? Except no .bik plz.
  15. But I thought limiting yourself was the problem, and if Itzal lets you not limit yourself to specific frames - it's good. Nova is exactly the same. You bullet jump and spam 3, just Nova portals for open world have much bigger range than Itzal so you also have to keep track of where you're going. Zephyr is the same - you spam'ish 1. Feed and blink functionality is broken yes, because it's bloody inconvenient. It's less inconvenient than spending half the mission running through the vast empties for the nth time though, so have to get by with blinking. Though to be fair i've never seen anyone feed'n'blink in regular bounties. You just blink if you have energy and fly normally when you don't. Feed'n'blink comes into play for dolans, but in public games you don't really inconvenience anyone if you don't. Unless you are Trin because now you have to get all the lures from around all the map and sometimes they don't spawn where you expect them so you have to fly an extra mile. The problem is not the blink though. The problem is you want to goddamned blink all the time even if you have to farm polymers for it, because farming polymers is still better than semi-interactive cutscenes that is traveling the same route for the billions time.
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