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  1. When Quick Thinking activates during Mesa's 4th ability, it freezes Mesa and you can't do anything until you basically die, making the mod useless. Also please fix all the bugs in Railjack. Just returned after a year break and was excited for Railjack only to be defused in excitement by so many bugs. Thank you for everything!
  2. Operators need more loadout options. ABC aren't enough for builds. Additionally, they are not tied to Warframe loadouts. Only the school selection is tied but if you want a different loadout for a different frame, you will have to manually change your operator build. Oddly enough, the ABC for equipment is tied to the ABC of the cosmetic slots but customization options like hair are not, therefore if you have cosmetic A with a certain hairstyle but B has clipping of that hairstyle, you have to manually change the hair every time you switch between those cosmetic slots rather than a different ha
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