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  1. really . don't u think i tried , run out of those resonance, and if u r going to replay a post try not to be a smart-a
  2. big BS ever, got him to 1 red bar, and he stop throwing those glass, only thing he did was break the plat. and mission failed . really . pissed of.
  3. just a question, but i did bought frost and ember package, should i be able to deploy four (4) extractors. And i'm still missing 3 flowers from subsume
  4. happen again, it's getting annoying, in the midle of a mission and missing gear accessories
  5. i'm getting some of my item uninstall from the gear wheel. special my star specters. ??????????????????????
  6. as today, 09/23/20 5:50 pm est. i did sacrifice 9 warframes and only got 6 flowers. (Marcelo Icy on XB1)
  7. never mind, can see with my hydroid prime, lol
  8. hi, i did subsume my hydroid, got the flower but don't got the ability. ???????????????
  9. ops. just notice, more stuff got 2
  10. second time this week, my star specter got uninstall from my gear wheel all it self. just let know
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