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  1. I'm gonna have to agree with the sentiment that these drops are way too low. Let's say that someone really wants Nidus, and has the streams running for 5 days straight. This means that they have 120 drops. The chance of this happening is obviously related to the chance of it not happening: 0.998120=78.6% Again, that's the chance of it not happening. The chance of them getting it after 120 drops would be 21.4%. This means that 78.6% of players are getting disappointed. That's unacceptable. Now let's say there's a bit of selection bias in the amount of people who are coming here to the forums and say the actual chance is higher...here are some numbers: 0.5% chance: 45% of players get it, 55% of players disappointed. 1% chance: 70% of players get it, 30% of players disappointed. 30% might not seem too bad, but these are the people who got every drop for five days straight. On a 1% drop rate with 60 drops you'd get 55% of players disappointed. I don't really mind, personally, but I do agree with you guys that it's wrong; you don't want a large portion of players feeling disappointed after doing something like this. And to be honest, I kind of expect the drop rates to mysteriously increase for the last day. Once people get what they want the likelihood of them inflating twitch numbers goes down, so ideally they stick around until the last day to finally get what they want. That inflates the twitch numbers, and that's good for business.
  2. Do you mind linking where they said this? If I view latest staff replies the most recent thing I see is this:
  3. Out of curiosity, how long were you guys watching? I was watching the stream all day...had it playing in the background long before tennolive came on. I didn't get it. My girlfriend logged in just as Tennolive was starting and got it immediately after (maybe even during, but didn't try until after it ended). Just toying with the idea that maybe people who were tuned in long beforehand weren't counted somehow.
  4. Oh, I didn't realize that Ash didn't require Twitch Prime, but now that I read the post again I guess it doesn't say that. Makes sense. Cool. :)
  5. People have been saying it comes with a free slot. :)
  6. You really think that was a waste? :o I thought it was awesome!
  7. There's no way they'd let such a large pool of players not get it. If for some reason they couldn't, they'd probably just make it totally free like Trinity. Don't want to upset that many players, it'd hurt the game.
  8. You clearly have never ran a database task on half a million accounts. Even if it works perfectly, it takes time. On an unrelated note, a lot of people are telling others to submit support tickets. Maybe that'll be warranted in a couple of days, but as of right now you'll just drown them in things they can do nothing about and they won't be able to help anybody.
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