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  1. I already own the krohkur (rank 24) I was getting ready to build the twin krohkur, when I realised I didn't have an extra krohkur blueprint, odd because I know I bought 2. Whatever it's at the most 50k credits no big deal. Except it's bp isn't available in the market... Hmm, okay I'll try the arsenal, i can just scroll past what i already own and select it from there. Nope, also not there... I messaged the community in region chat (I know, I know) and after about 10 minutes another user tried to tell me to use the L3 search for KRO, first one right? Already tried that earlier. No avail. Trying to 100% all weapons, but it's kinda impossible if I can't get the damn blueprints via any method. On a side note, weapons previously mastered don't show up in the arsenal as mastered if you buy them a second time. Not sure if that's intentional, but it certainly saves someone time if they know its a mastered weapon already and they don't accidentally re-grind it after they've done it once before.
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