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  1. there are some helpful sites and apps that can make life easier farming etc.. Warframe.market for buying and selling objects riven.market for selling buying rivens warframe wiki : https://warframe.fandom.com/ app for android phone called warframe lootr which basically shows you the locations and the best odds to farm stuff Builds for your warframe can be tested and searched for at warframe-builder.com later in game you will want to check out semlar.com for building modular weapons.. As stated above in other posts, start working your way through the starchart, finish your quests and collect your mods. open relics!! as you can get warframes weapons from that, duplicate parts you either sell on the market. use platinum for weapon and frame slots or trade duplicate parts for ducats which you can trade with baro to get primed mods/ or highly sought after mods like high voltage and jolt
  2. I really like the railjack missions.. but.. Please can we leave the railjack at home? i really like the dogfight style of the archwing and am enjoying that bit of it a lot!! I'd rather play solo and i cant seem to get the railjack to sustain any more damage.. please if no one is on the railjack have an AI shoot the fighters or go in invulnerable mode. cant be arsed playing it with a ship that is too slow, cant shoot, makes me dizzy flying and aims like a potato.. Also, why make the repair resources limited? i just wanna fix the damn can and get out there play some interesting archwing Projectile flight speed on the imperator is terrible against the fighters, please adjust this acoordingly, so that when in persuit of a fighter, let me hit it, in stead it flying away from the projectiles i'm shooting Thanks
  3. Thanks for the archwing Dogfighter update.. forget the railjack.. its stats are horrendous and its ability to tank or deal damage, defend itself or maneuver properly is literally worse than my orbiter.. My repair cost when playing solo are limited, and should not be set to a maximum usage per mission, nor should it use the resources that you have to use to build/ repair modules to upgrade your railjack with. I have no intention of flying that P.O.S. Dropping the one resource [dirac] from the loottables and drops in space is a total joke.. going from 800-1000 dirac to only 100 per mission, basically making it harder for a solo player to get the ship upgraded or build new modules for the ship. please make the vacuum on the archwing set to either automatic collect all; resources after mission or an auto vacuum up to 30k distance for anything that has been destroyed.. I usually play for like 5-8 minutes to kill the cruisers and fighters .. followed by 30 minutes, trying to find resources in the mission map. not really PLAYING a game there.. i don't play well with others and really don't wanna deal with randoms in game, please could you have a look at options for people like me, that just wanna play and have fun, without having to rely on others. Thanks. Z
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