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  1. Thats kind of a shame, as events draw crowds/ players for playing.. You would think that DE would have more diverse events , in stead of decreasing them..
  2. Looking at the invasions screen in the orbiter, i have long seen the razorback and the fomorian being loaded. It would be great if the other events would be displayed there as well (or have a seperate tab for it (like we have with the thermia fractures now)) The tab could be used to have monthly or twice a month a event going on. can you implement this to have all the events in there (with loading bar) - Plague star - Orphix phoenix - dog days - Fomorian - Acolytes - Razorback -etc. It would also be great if there would be an event
  3. While in my orbiter, i see a new mission event.. I look, OH bummer .. thermia fractures.. no real reason to play that content, as there is nothing for me to gain.. Would it not be nice, to have some form of vendor/ rewards like the plaguestar missions, that you actually earn and spend it on something useful after having played (and finished it) once..
  4. I just rolled a new Hind riven via my arsenal > weapon > mods It was a decent roll.. So i go back to my arsenal, and there seem to have occured an error while going back. I was bugged as i returned to my arsenal, My harrow still at the station, but i was free floating without body through the orbiter.. When i restarted, all mods were taken off my weapon and when putting the mods back on this is what occured: Now on my EQUIPPED riven i have different stats than i have rolled. In my Mod station, the stats are still the same, but on m
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