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  1. something like a facial paint like pris from bladerunner
  2. 2019 seems like A great year coming with the changes announced in the last devstream.. sometimes I just want to check what things I have done in game and looking through my Stats, they seem very outdated and not updated with new content for example the profit taker. A lot of the old stats from mission updates from a few years back are still in there, but many a new player will always have them stats at 0. (Maybe allowing us to replay these missions and having them as a lore event ) It would be nice if the stats would reflect somewhat more actual recent statistics of particular missions /kills etc. Maybe stays of the last 3 months as an addition to the stats since start of gameplay. Stats like most played missions Highest level of enemies killed Longest time in a particular mission Anyways just my two cents on statistics.
  3. I must say, watching the last devstream I really do feel like we will be getting more difficult content. Scaling the difficulty and having more focus on different forms of enemies and gameplay totally make me feel optimistic about 2019's developments. +1 thumbs up for DE.
  4. Hi, Does anyone know if there is going to be a restore mission for the Kuiper relay as there was for the Strata relay.. still kinda bummed that i missed the mission and the [pistol you can only get there.. I think its better to call it the [zylocked] 😕
  5. take phase 2 solo, do the mission, kill the guys, blap the two guards, grab the thinngy and blip back to fortuna.. , talk to little duck and then ask new mission.. that's the fastest way so far.. 2.30 sounds about right. 150 times sounds very doable
  6. 2 days later and a few hotfixes, its only fair to update the thoughts on fortuna 2 SO No Operator mode, still, you just use your operator to switch the damage sensitivity.. I really hope they will make something like the eidolons in fortuna, 2 more spiders to go.. Endless waiting to missions ~~ Problem solved Thanks for this cool down timer for archwing weapons too long,~~ Problem solved Thanks for this not enough arching ammo,~~ Problem solved Thanks for this Fortuna has only been a game of waiting.. i'm waiting more than playing a game. 6/10 The game is not exciting gameplay but just more of the same.. // the only fast way to get standing and your stuff for leveling the vox solaris is endlessly repeating Phase 2.trying to get them atmo systems and repellers.. Kinda boring after 120 missions and having dropped just barely enough to make the new weapons. The repeller should not be a rare drop, but be part of the uncommon drops. Having baruuk fixed behind such a low drop rate system is not a great idea, Looking at all the other frames, they are behind a bossfight which you can farm fairly decently. anyways, that were my two cents on fortuna.. i hope it improves and puts like in the eidolons more arcanes behind the orbs.
  7. please fix that archgun automatically unequipes
  8. how bout liset prime skin and drop the operator accessories, a great syandana and Primed chamber?

    Warframe Builder

    Love the warframe builder, used it plenty of times! sinister reach is missing in the sentinel weapons
  10. yes.. count me in.,.. something like in the first minute of the video would be awesome
  11. THE_ZEEK

    please delete

    please delete
  12. Damage is off.. statistics have on my tiberon it went from 1465 to 362 dmg.. whats going on?
  13. would be nice if you would include the highest MR ranks as well in the closed beta//
  14. In my opinion the issue is not content drought as you can play the Terra system over and over.. The problem here is DE tailoring to starting players. i think that's short term thinking on their part. Starting players will be one day advanced players and will want to have challenging content. By not addressing that now WF is doomed to keep having content drought and no progression in the future, but cheesing everything as a high MR. Wouldn't it be great if rail jack would allow us to move into the sentient system (Tau system) which will be a step up in difficulty from the Terra system. Starting with lvl 50 NPC's and going up.(or harder npc's where cooperation becomes no longer an option) it would be in the natural progression for clans and groups of players to bundle up and play with others. I heard all the idea's and replies about not making it to hard for new players or breaking up the player groups into levels, but what happening now is that low MR's or casual players will have fun and core players/ veterans will leave the game.. and that's even worse.. as you are not dividing the players, but WF is losing them. Drought is the wrong definition.. skill and difficulty should be the real issue here.
  15. enemy spawns on grineer missions is really slow.. please could you speed this up? also the ddroprate of powercells in excavation is really low
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