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  1. No worries, thanks for trying! just thought stealers wheel would be the best to have around when farming 🙂 Much appreciated! Z
  2. and if you didnt get the humor.. here's it spelled out for ya..
  3. Here is a mirror for some of the people who post here: STOP BEING ENTITLED
  4. Other players Volt and Bubble frost in any mission I really dislike the fact when speed volts dont mod for duration.. every 15 seconds they spam the speed button, which leaves me no other option than to backflip to disable the speed. I wish they had a setting to turn this off other than backflip.. generally i leave missions now when a volt is playing or stay away from public missions completely. Same with Frost.. bubble up a defense objective and the start running around.. Basically leaving NPC's to get inside the bubble and destroy the objective.. I cant shoot at them from the outside.. These things left me to start disliking those frames badly..
  5. ~concerning the rooms with the symbols on them where the captura scenes drop. I was going through the puzzle rooms on carpo on Jupiter and i noticed that the amalgems were dropping mods.. visible on screen and in the room. When walking towards them (with my diriga with vacuum) they didn't register in my mission progress and were not picked up. but disappeared from the room. Please could you look into this. Thanks Z
  6. any chance you will have time to look at this one? Stealers wheel ~ stuck in the middle 🙂 or this one:
  7. pretty sad how some people here cry that they are bummed that everything is late and who is to blame and are starting to point fingers at others who are also waiting.. just be patient.. the guys and girls at DE are working their ass off for ya and this is what they get as a thank you from you.. you should be damn well ashamed of yourself. grow up.. understand that not everything is perfect, not all deadlines can be made.. if you dont agree.. please send me a pm so i can ignore ya..
  8. will we have to relog for the plaguestar event as well? that would be restart 4 today
  9. take rubico and itzal .. shoot the ships or rolling transports on vallis.. EZ PZ or rubico and loki
  10. Hmm seems like when synthesizing a crewman it counts down .. so its the additive that makes the total.. still 2 to go 1/3 done.. i get it now.. you can count this as not a bug.. just unclear.. thanks
  11. lets get the new TAU system first that is more complex & more difficult before expanding what we already chewed a few thousand times..i think content wise we could use more places to go in stead going back to the same places
  12. Hello derelict 🙂 .. all them clans who got it.. we just had to farm that.. pretty happy a 2 man ghost clan got that one sorted.. get your clan together and just do it..
  13. we will become the lotus... why else "hey kiddo"!?
  14. Counters are not matching for corruped crewman x2 /// or progress counter 1/3
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