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  1. it is actually both.. I just dont understand why: Why should everything be available right away at the start of the game? as a starter you will reach that content, so it not like it will never be accessible to novice players.. it will be available when they are powered up or have the skills and gear to play that content. As for the veterans this failure to recognize this problem by DE does limt us by not having it or being able to play it. EVER, as its non exsistent. The problem is that we need to be challenged, to have something that we can measure up to with our powerful warframes. something that will keep us playing the game in which we invested so much time, and effort (and some lots of plat). There are many idea's on the forum which describe what the veterans and non veteran / advanced players would like.. think of this.. The current "new content" is only expansions of maps and some play styles.. not in difficulty .. its like we're stuck in kindergarden and we want to progress.. but all we get is more toys to play with.. nothing that would actually challenge us.. just let that sink in.. what would you want as a progression? Most MR 10-12 (of 27!) should be able to tank any enemy, play any node and complete any mission.. wouldnt you ask about whats next?
  2. I really dont have a need to replay the game as a novice.. and the MR tests are only on a 24hr base so in a few days i could reach that.. The essence here is having progress (starting with a fresh char) being able to unlock everything again, finding the mods you need and stuff you need to build the BP's with and the credits.. it gives a sense of challenge.. Thats what is lacking after say you completed the star map.. There is no more sense of progress or achievement or challenge.. DE dont have to change a thing.. just bring these 3 elements in the game after you completed the starmap.. It will bring sustainability.. I often hear that DE has to tailor to the new players as they bring in the $$ and are needed to continue the game.. as its a free to play game.. I disagree, They thing they are overlooking is that people that have been playing this game for a long time they are invested into the game.. They are likely to stay in the game and keep it alive. More so than people who will just play for a little bit and then bugger off as there is no more challenge.. or they get bored with the mechanics. now on Saturn, from here on out i will have to taxi past the Uranus junction as you will need to craft a MR 1 or above weapon.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts.. in a way it is the game design.. playing with a MR0 does not give a power creep as much as a higher MR will do.. The fact you cant trade and cant have rivens, wont be able to nuke stuff through the progress of the starmap does the following.. It brings back the shooter element in the looter/shooter, some excitement about finding the needed mods and items that you want to make your weapons and frame stronger.. Yes.. why shouldnt we play this way.. why should it not be more accessible to more various playstyles.. i know i am having way more fun playing this way than with my maxed MR 27. MR 0 will do and there are workarounds.. like a taxi.. Its a lot of fun! and not the easiest especially in the beginning, when realizing that your syndicate will only progress 1k per day, your frames and weapons rank to 0 modspace after a forma.. but.. it feels like being able to replay the missions with a different perspective and way of anticipating the game.. with a High MR this is just not polssible or as direct experienced as with a MR 0 frame. I dont know about the famous MR0 and his spending.. I did get some plat and got myself some nice skins for the frames i am playing, but no need to buy weapons, frames or any other progress.. I already have a MR 27 if i want to be all dressed up an no place to go.. Yes and i understand, but then change the access to the junctions and amount of nodes you have unlocked..or even the amount of kills you made.. in stead of having it tied to a MR again thanks again for your feedback.. i'll just have to settle that i will need to taxi past the junctions and then scan the hell outta the system to get the chroma parts from simaris.
  4. 1. am replaying the game after it became to easy with a fully maxed character (MR 27) now replaying it with a MR0 character 2. that beats the purpose of running it in a MR0 3. Still doing pretty well with my MK1 Braton, Lato and Artax 4. Running a LVL 30 Mag, and did most of the different mission between E-Prime and Dione.. ( still have a few nodes open, but thats it..) The problem is not a unranked warframe, or weapon, but a MR which forces me to rank up in Mastery which i dont want to. as a general idea it would be an option for it not the MR you have but the amount of nodes and planets opened.. basically if you opened all nodes, planets and junctions before a planet it shoud give you access.. the current MR limitations system is not a great system that would still keep the limitations in place.
  5. Just arrived to saturn with my MR 0 Character (was previously frame**) and i see that Kronia relay needs a MR 4 to to enter.. Why would you lock any relay behind a MR? Also i wont be able to go to Uranus as i will need to rank up my frame to a MR1 for accessing the relay (which also happens to drop the first chroma part) please could you change these MR limitations as it makes no sense to lock these places behind a MR wall .. (yes i know i can taxi there, but I'm not in need of a ride, as i'm perfectly capable of doing it) **edited after remark of ginkenshin
  6. Because it one of the few things to do after you have leveled everything up to MR 27 (currently) replaying the game as a MR 0 is basically finding the shooter in the looter/shooter again. instead of nuke or destroy everything..
  7. Replaying the game as a Mastery rank zero made me found out some odd stuff about the game that doesnt make sense to me much. After the mission "stolen dreams", you will not be able to go to Maroo's bazar, as it is linked to MR 1.. even though you completed the quest you will not be able to access the relay. please could you reduce this access to level 0 or open it up after completing the quest? Also After "the Archwing" mission, you'll be able to fly an archwing, but not in the open wolds of POE or Vallis, due to the MR 2 restriction in the foundry for the Archwing launcher segment. please could you change this MR setting to be available after the Quest in stead of unlocking it at a certain MR. Weapon wise, all weapon types are available at MR 0 except for a sniper rifle. The snipetron, which is available at MR 0 is connected to the plague star.. please if possible could you drop the Vulkar to a MR 0 as it is part of the Ceres junction rewards.
  8. tl dr please could you let us know how you guys will make the game more difficult for better players? you mentioned before that you were working on this.. can we expect something coming for this soon, as currently i am just wasting time with too simple stuff.. i dont feel challenged by content and new content.. it would be great if new additions to the game would also mean a progression for difficulty in stead of expanding space for the starting /casual players
  9. for the coaction drift you will need 1 * specter and another like a corrupted specter.. The outside 4 pillars can be done with operator and your warframe ( put WF on the glowy thing and go operator mode to the next glowy thing..open the sealed rooms and go in with operator to unlock the 2 buttons.. rinse and repeat 4x The inside needs 2 specters, your WF and your operator to finish.. put the 2 specters and your WF on each glowy thing, the final one with your operator.. wait till fence opens and void dash up..
  10. I think there can be a lot of ways to improve the way the difficulty is being set in this game, there are ways that we havent explored or recently have explored. like the wolf or the new doma's.. i see that DE is trying do do something with that and i support them venturing more into those elements. but a new game, with new game mechanics is a little much to ask.. that can be done in the new sentient system and as mentioned.. it could be the more difficult part of the game. The issue is as you say is overcoming the idea that It does not need that to live.. we have a full game/system that does that... you would expect that added content should scale in difficulty.. that its an addition to the game and that with it having completed the previous content you should be able to be strong enough to go into an higher difficulty.. I think thats what DE is forgetting at the moment.. additions are not really additions, they are expansions of the game play /map space. The game will become more sustainable when player are able to engage with the content through more difficult content. .. not being able to do the star map with a low mastery rank. Why would you want a game that people come into and then leave because it becomes too simple.. with more difficulty and being challenged it becomes more sustained game play. yes.. and thats the problem.. they put new frames and parts behind this gameplay so people feel left out or have an opinion when they are not able to get what they want, because for the casual players its not achievable to grind or farm for this. so they are left to make a choice to decide to make it accessible to everyone.. great question! take for example borderlands 1 - crawmerax (you will die) .. you need specific weapons, builds and skills to do this.. you cannot only focus on the boss as the little NPC's will kill you, and you cannot only focus on the little NPC,s, as the Boss will kill you.. mechanics like that will add to the gameplay experience, more things to pay attention to or keep you alert as it might take you down. some hard hitting NPC's combined with some of speed and tanky stats. You'll need 3 of the 4 elemental stats, enough speed, health etc.. having to work around limitations that will make you slow down and in stead of just nuking having to really fight the NPC's . Having to use all your weapons, skills, movement, as some will be invulnerable to specific elements or only to be killed by one specific element. The problem is that we are losing the people that advance in the game, that tinker and build to specific challenges and enjoy that challenge. we dont need to have all content available for casual players.. they'll have the current map with nodes to play on.. the addition would be more advanced in gameplay, difficulty and map design. If DE still wants to have all content available for all players difficulty modes should be introduced.. maybe with a casual/hard and extreme mode.. ( and the rewards/ amount of rewards scaling with it.)
  11. Its been an issue for a long time now and it would be nice if we could see somethings towards changing the difficulty in warframe. I can hear the nay sayers responses fly all over the posts below, but hear me out.. We have a complete game that can be done with a non modded warframe/ with non modded weapons and done easily..how bout we create a next level of difficulty where we can grow into? Many people get bored, because the game is too easy.. as one youtuber mentioned we're playing & farming to get stronger, and then when we get there.. we're all dressed up and we have no place to go, but to do simple missions. we need some sort of challenge that even with the best nuke builds, strongest weapons is still a challenge for everyone to do.. ( and yes again for the nay sayers,, there will be a meta found as usual, but it will not be as simple as it it now) With the new sentient world coming it would be nice, if we could go into a sentient system (Tau system) with multiple planets that would require a strong player/build to complete. It would be a perfect time for giving an extra difficulty to the game, and now as usually doable with a MR12 inexperienced player able to do it.. Why would we hold on to the idea that all content should be able to be played by any MR? isnt that why we want to progress.. to do more difficult content, and be challenged by it? Sure there are people that like just to nuke everything and play the game for the way it plays speed, action, great graphics, fashionframe.. but there is also a big group of people who like the challenge.. Can you remember the first time when you reached the void, and basically the rooms were designed with turrets in there, and items that could kill you, beside NPC's Nowadays, we have no need to be in a room, we just nuke and go through it as fast as possible.. ( and i think that's basically running past the game, and not playing it) Wouldn't it be great if the new sentient system would have the same mechanics as the void, only much more difficult to traverse.. something that will ask all of the skills that we have to be used? Something that will destroy our nuke builds and just by being in that system.. challenging us to find ways to traverse and survive those nodes? making us play the game, fight the NPC's, and of course with an better reward system as you progress in that enviroment. Have random bosses spawn through the nodes that really will take your attention to kill, on top of the already difficult NPC's. but maybe that's just dreaming out loud, but i think it would make the game a whole lot more challenging and for me therefor more playable and interesting.. something to sink in hopefully as many hours as i have so far.. Z
  12. it would be great if we could have a AA BB CCCCCCC etc rotation.. C rotation would drop intact vaulted relics (every day another vaulted prime) , ephemera's (daily different ephemera's) , weapon parts and Aura forma's making it to LVL 40 would add umbral forma to it..(or a permanent "umbra: state for your warframe of your choosing)
  13. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Riven_Mods/Weapon_Dispos/Robotic I was just checking the rivens for the cryotra, on fandom, but it looks like its not droppping or available.. is it just now complete info or is it really not yet obtainable?
  14. why would this be Aura mods..!?? I would never tinker this for a corrosive projection or other aura mods.. i would have thought it better mods if these would have been exilus mods.
  15. well that depends on how they execute it.. if they just scale enemies to as they are doing now, there will be a meta for it.. what i think is sad is that WF is a Coop game, with no need at all to coop. everything is too damn easy when doing solo. Point behind it is that when DE keep tailoring things for starting player, all they ever have in the game is starting gamers.. and at one point the question becomes.. what am i doing this for if at level 14 i can basically cheese anything in the game.. Where is the continuity for the game then? just focusing on simple stuff or fashionframe is not going to make the game any better or more replayable, or more player retaining, etc.... just more of a bore and with it the popularity of it will only have a limited timespan..that will only get shorter
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