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  1. The Condroc and Mergoo animals can be scanned but they do not unlock the codex entry in the codex. However, the Kuaka animals have 2 different entires for each type of Kuaka.
  2. I see a lot of great changes like the reduction of super long endless missions. Thanks for listening to our feedback. However, I worry that the new challenge "Complete a Spy mission using your Operator. Warframe cannot leave spawn room." is definitely going to spoil Operators and the Second Dream/The War Within for new players. Those quests were such a hype moment for me and it would be a real shame if players got those quests spoiled for them. Maybe the challenge could be to complete a Spy mission without triggering alarms and without turning invisible. Other possible challenges could be to win an Interception round without losing a single point, complete a hijack mission without leaving the payload, play (not win) 3 games of Conclave, get X score on Flappy Zephyr/Wyrmius.
  3. I heard that Wolf Credits will expire at the end of the Nightwave series. Please don't do this. If I don't have enough Wolf Credits for an Orokin Catalyst or Reactor, I will have to waste them on something I don't want and I don't think I am alone on this. Veteran players don't need anymore Nitain so having to spend Wolf Credits on Nitain is a waste, but new/late players may not get enough credits for the potatoes and won't be able to reliably get them. I have never heard of anyone liking the expiration feature on Argon Crystals so please don't put an expiration on Wolf Credits.
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