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  1. If you already had access to arbitrations before the update, there's a whopping ONE new stage you have to do. The other new maps were just updates of old nodes.
  2. Most of the setting are a button toggle so getting those set back up isn't TOO bad...Just play wand then when something acts weird go to options and fix it... but man losing favorite colors sucks. At least those colors should be on my frames for the most part, should be able to recreate them....
  3. Everything was set to default. You probably just need to go back into options and muck with it.
  4. None of the previous big updates have undone controller setups. Not to mention resetting crouch toggle, channel toggle, archwing flight mode, hold aim toggle, hold or click to swap abilities, color settings, bloom settings, item labels, camera sensitivity, cursor sensitivity, microphone audio, chat channels displayed, keywords you had set to filter in trade chat...... it reset EVERYTHING to default, and there was nothing in the history of patch updates to make us think this was going to ever be an issue. It also seems to have happened to pretty much everyone, lots of complaints about it in chat.
  5. Not a PS4 screenshot but the same bug was on the PC version at launch. It's been happening on my game too. (Along with the full reset of all customization...)
  6. Aura forma contribute whatever bonus their mod provides. It sounds like you might have accidentally used a regular one and just blanked it. If its aura modded the mod slot should have an O symbol on it by default. If you blanked it, it will just be blank.
  7. They've been pretty clear that my main man is getting a serious rework soon. Hopefully they don't change him TOO much. I know a lot of people make suggestions for basically entirely new kits for him, and are all about giving him exaulted turrets, but thats turning him into a whole new character. I think just tweaking some numbers and costs will go a long way for most of his already existing moves. Range, duration, damage done, etc. Wisp sets a really good precedent for how long term mines should work, and Wukong and Nezha set a precedent for keeping an old moveset mostly intact and giving it new effectiveness and synergy and making it work..
  8. Not commenting on your post at all, just curious... what is the name of the glyph you have and where can I get it? I've seen it ingame but I can't ever seem to spot it in the store.
  9. These are great! While you're at it, can you take a look at the passive and augments for shield weapons? Ever since Melee 2.9 they haven't worked correctly. It messed with the shield passives and mods that require blocking to absorb/redirect damage/taunt. Guardian Derision, Electromagnetic Shielding, Avenging Truth, and the innate passives on all the shields are all affected. Either we need some sore of manual block when using a shield weapon, or switch it to channeling or rework how the things function. SOMETHING. This is made especially awkward with the new Javlok augment that redirects damage when you have a shield weapon.... but pretty requires you to be blocking and channeling and the auto block just doesn't do it right. Guardian Derision isn't exactly specifically a shield mod, but it synergized wth them. Had really fun builds with Trinity and Baruuk and other tank frames with it that just don't work now.
  10. Vulkar Wraith got huge buffs a year ago. (As did all the snipers) Prisma Twin Gremlins and Stradavar Prime didn't exist a year ago. And Lato Vandal was in hiding and unused for years until ESO came out.. The current state of these weapons was different when rivens were given their dispositions, and all weapons that warrant nerfs to their rivens because there's a much stronger version of the weapons now. ( Baza was introduced after rivens so always stayed at a static middle 3 with no adjustments at all.) But because they're not moving dispos more than .2 at a time, its taking a couple rounds to get them where they should be. It's better that they do a couple slow nerfs in a row rather than shifting them by huge amounts in one go, so people have time to figure out what to do with them. As upset as people are now with a stat going from 220 to 200, imagine the rage if a stat went from 220 to 80 overnight. And I say this as a Twin Gremlin main who has a fantastic riven for it. (I loved it even before the Prisma.) Personally I tend to use lesser used weapons, so I often find my rivens get *buffed* more than they get nerfed, I ususally get two or three increases for every one decrease, or my stuff stays left alone, so the changes don't bother me.
  11. Console does. We don't have much choice in the matter, outside of getting it from the Prime packages or waiting for a once in a blue moon sale you can't anticipate.
  12. Last year was 370 plat, this year is 475. Extra 105 plat for five bucks. Also, 20$ for 370 plat is the normal price for that amount. So it being that plus all the tennocon stuff might be a little weird?
  13. I think that would break sorties a little. Everyone would just go for rivens and legendary cores.
  14. Woah woah woah. We're going to be able to buy slots without plat now? That's HUGE! That was the biggest nastiest plat sink in the game, that made it seem the most unfriendly and PTW to new players, and the entire reason you had to keep managing your inventory and tossing stuff you went through all the trouble of making. Also, readily farmable potatoes? That is also huge! I assume these are all limited quanitty per day/week things, but still! Those are great!
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