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  1. If it was just the movement speed boost it'd absolutely be an exilus, but its main purpose is to completely break spy vaults. And it does that so well and so completely trivializes that mission type that I think it justifies the normal slot it takes up. Especially now that helmith gives your permanent auto-hacks. I certainly wouldn't complain if it was made into an exilus! But I can see the reason why it wouldn't be.
  2. I know that everyone wishes that *all* ability augments could be turned into exilus slot mods.. but DE's stance has been that "Exilus is meant for movement and mild QoL changes, no DPS." This applies to both frames and weapons. There's a few mods that have a tiny bit of power creep but those are a small class of mods, limited to 15% and are generally tied to some sort of movement. While good for hitting some thresholds, they don't break the power structure in any way. Valky'rs Swing Line (which lets you recast zip line in midair 4 times) is ONLY a movement ability, and it even has a cond
  3. Get the new copy, wait a week for prices to go back up, then sell it and make your money back.
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