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  1. Token system is great. means you can go past the daily cap and farm when you want to or you have a booster. It needs some balancing still but its a vast improvement over the older systems. They've already had it in arbitrations for over a year and it works well there too. You can just do only mother bounties if you want, she pays out a ton.
  2. Its tap for one, hold for the other, depending on what your settings are. It's not random or simultaneous. They left out the scroll wheel because they didn't want to deal with multiple wheels stacking on some characters. As is the zipline is pretty iconic for Ivara and the sleep arrow would break under certain other character setups. They gave invisibility which is the most powerful and potent ability anyway.
  3. Holy crap, the results being RNG were *INTENTIONAL*? When it didn't work like that at all on the previous two worlds? I'll defend DE in a lot of their decisions, but this is just stupid. I haven't even gotten past rank 0 year because of this "feature". I'm waiting for it to be patched before I spend any more time on any of it.
  4. Fishing shop on Deimos is bugged. If you give daughter a pack of fish, she only gives you the parts for one of them. And while its not universal, giving her the fish you need to progress through the first rank (the one with the spinal column) does not reward spinal columns. I've given her ten of them now, all separately to avoid the first bug, and haven't gotten a single part I need to proceed despite the label saying its there.
  5. Because permanently time limited stuff is BS. Outside of the founders pack items which were specially put aside at the very start for people that helped the game to even exist, there's no *good* reason to ever lock content from future players, especially cosmetic stuff, just because they got to the game later. Put stuff in a vault and only roll it out once a year to keep it special, sure, but not lock it away forever. If someone played the game for 10 hours 5 years ago got an exclusive thing, but never touch the game again, what good does it do for their account to have an exclusive thin
  6. All the noggles on the market are only being sold in a pack this year. Last year we were able to buy them individually. I added one of them to my wishlist and didn't grab it before the event ended last year, and it's been stuck in my wishlist the whole year with no way for me to take it off since its not technically on the market anymore. And even now with the event live again I still can't get it! And I don't want to buy the whole 240 plat pack. Also it doesn't show up in the main store wishlist, but in my *profile* wishlist, which also contains other things that don't appear in
  7. Nezha Prime looks different than I expected.
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