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  1. Frame that for their ultimate, transforms into a doggo and gets an entirely different moveset, loses ability to use guns, and faster run speed. Like the Furion concept that has been around for ages. (I know, a chunk of the furion ideas made it into Nidus, but not the coolest part. Doggo mode.)
  2. Nightwave and events and bosses have pretty much taken over that. Nightwave gives a bunch of random weapon changes, and things like Ropalyst had a batch of amalgam mods that made a difference. Locking more weapon bits behind syndicates makes less sense than giving you a reason to play actual new content.
  3. You can get a steam account and vote. ANd since the game is free to download you can just mark it off and then not actually download it, it'll accept you as owning a copy.
  4. I'm dissapointed none fo the Blade of the Lotus stuff got in, AGAIN, as thats my favorite line... but its' really, REALLY obvious why "blatant ripoff Sephiroth" didn't make it in. Like, REALLY obvious.
  5. This is why I refuse to buy any more skins from this guy, even when they look cool. He intentionally sabotages his designs and leaves out a color channel so that his pieces and weapons are the only ones that match and its just such a awful move to consistently make.
  6. Wait, so you're nerfing Prisma Twin Gremlins again... but you're not returning the regular Twin Gremlins to its former state? That was at a solid 5 dispo before the prisma came out! No one used it! I guess it gets to keep its current ranking while the Prisma gets weaker? Why does it keep getting screwed even now because of its upgrade? I prefer the look, feel, firerate,spread, sound effects, accuracy of the original. Statwise the prisma is better in literally every way and on paper its the same weapon, but it doesn't FEEL the same because of those little differences.
  7. So is it just me or is their insane pop in issue after the latest update? Walls and floors don't load in until I'm right on top of them, and in the open world areas I'll sometimes have large stretches of half loaded items. There's been bad pop in with some floors in the last year or so, but never anything anywhere near this extreme.
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