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  1. (PS4)Robby_Bevard

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    What if after passing a milestone, an unlocked weapon's blueprint appears in Cephalon's archive? Just in case people sell of the unique weapon and can't get it back. You already did this with Tesshin's glaive.
  2. (PS4)Robby_Bevard

    MR8 test and whats the point of it?

    It's only hard because it tests jumping skills people have had no real need to practice at that point, in particular a bullet jump where you need to adjust the camera a little, but they ARE a basic component of the game. It took me about two weeks to get through it, with practice, but my friend who was better at parkour did it on their very first try. The upside is once you HAVE mastered the test, your jumping and shooting skills should be a lot better. I can now go back and retake the same test and do it with ease. The MR11 test is murder as well for similar reasons, but is actually harder on console than PC, because the required targetting is easier with a mouse.
  3. (PS4)Robby_Bevard

    MR8 test and whats the point of it?

    The point of that test is to make sure you have parkour down. bullet jumps in particular. The MR11 test is probably going to be murder as well, as it's parkour and shooting on a timer. Those are the two that most commonly give folks trouble, sometimes for weeks at a time, because they demand someone tighter jumps than anywhere else in the game.. All the others are pieces of cake though until the 20's.
  4. (PS4)Robby_Bevard

    TennoGen Round 14 Deadline - Sept 5!

    The Nidus Night Hunter Skin, including the ridiculous oversized wing Syandana, is super amazing. It's basically a prime. I know we JUST got the deluxe skin but... I want that way more.
  5. (PS4)Robby_Bevard

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    They've said in the thread, and been requoted multiple times, that they had way more people than expected and are having issues because of it. Give em some time! Waiting for my Ash But even if I don't get it, what a hell of a stream! I woulda been happily tuned in anyway!
  6. (PS4)Robby_Bevard

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    There is a vast difference between "getting used to it" when it's things like changing how a gun works or a character nerf or "melee doesn't go through walls now." That's all stuff thats intended, whether you like it or not, to make the game play and feel better. It's different when it's a step backwards in basically every single area in terms of accessability, ,convenience and interface. They had it working fine and they broke it. On basically every single menu and in multiple different ways. New UI? Fine! Having to do the code from scratch to make it better in the future and easier between platforms? That's fine. But recode it and make it BETTER. But better should include all the old functionality and QoL the previous version had... and this doesn't. It's actively worse in many many areas. It'd be like if they removed melee combat and bullet jumping at this point, in order to make it more like CoD, and your response was "get used to it." It's a huge step backwards and there's no quality or ease of use reason for this to have happened. If they can't do that out the gate, then, in the meantime, while working the kinks out, have both versions available. Have a beta option. They let us choose between different archwing controls.
  7. (PS4)Robby_Bevard

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    The new UI is maybe better in a couple isolated areas like actually scrolling through weapons at speed, but everything else is just worse than it was. Having to select everything with the "mouse" by hovering over with a cursor is super tedious. There was no reason to remove the hotkey shortcuts. Before when you hovered over a weapon, it would display the compared stats to what you have equipped. When you hovered over a relic, it would display what was inside of it. Now you have to do a double or triple click to go into the item to get the same functionality you got just from hovering before... and then you have to click to leave that and check a different item. Want to see your fashion in the arsenal and turn your frame? Before? Use the right stick to turn your frame around. Now? Move the cursor over the area with the frame in it with the left stick and THEN use the right stick and if you want to change the equipment move back with your left stick over the equipment you want to change, then fiddle it over the "equip" button and then press X. And so on. Everything added just makes things slower and more redundant in almost all cases. Nothing adds functionality or ease of use, it just needlessly complicates things. It's hard to give specific feedback and adress specific problems when it's basically literally *everything* is wrong. Could you hotix in a "classic" setting while you guys spend the next weeks or months optimizing this?
  8. (PS4)Robby_Bevard

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Light and heavy attacks? Where you use the light attack to build up to the strong ones? Musou style? YES! That's absolutely a step in the right direction! For combos, could you switch it up so that instead of getting OOOupOOOO or OOpauseOOOOOO, things that can be really inconsistent or hard to time, (especially when attack speed can change dramatically) let the combos work with the new strong attack, so that the combo can instead be OOAA or OAO or AOOO and the like. That's how the musou games do it and it gives you so much more variety and control to the combos. (God of War or Dark Souls style combat is cool too but the gunplay and the hoards make it a little unfeasible.) It's not quite as button mashey and it lets you trigger the combo you want more consistently. (I understand you want the strong attacks to be built up to, and that's fine, but combo input could be way more intuitive like that.)