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  1. Can you please fix this? I don't see it mentioned in patch notes. This is actually game breaking because armor looks so good on her and yet bug ruins it
  2. One of arm attachments seems to appear under character's armpit Tried every other warframe with this set on and only hildryn seems to also have a displacement, but in a different way
  3. The idea of "on kill" or "on headshot" is going to be very uncomfortable. So that means I will have to use a weapon with no damage on it yet, to kill a bullet sponge, so then I can start snowballing my damage. Damn, I already miss old (current) berserker
  4. True, the one man army is quite an issue in current game design. And I do agree on the fact that old mission objectives make the game much easier for new warframes to complete with a press of a button. That is kind of a reason I talked a lot about "game compacting". Like, the further you are in game, most of the missions get mashed together into making 5 game modes in one mission. Still no idea what is taking DE so long to bring back raids. I also like the fact you brought uncle Trib there :D As much I was not a big fan of his game mode idea it definitely made a great step in the right direction. Like moving to the side while a rolling boulder is chasing you. (you still need to find an exit, but at least boulder is not chasing you anymore :D)
  5. Warframe does not lack in content. What it does lack is consistency. There is plenty of content in game that has no connection between each other. There are dozens if not hundreds of small grind islands that all reward different things. As a part of "compacting warframe" I suggest Baro Ki'teer bounties. Every week there would be 5 different mission types assigned randomly to different days. All of them would rewards some ducats upon completion. Most of the missions would be a single run missions (capture, exterminate, mobile defense, etc.) while Wednesday and Friday would be endless (Interception, survival, excavation, etc.) granting x amount of ducats per rotation. Also, each day would have their respectful level increase. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Mission type Mission type Mission type (endless) Mission type Mission type (endless) Shop unlocked 50 ducats for completed 100 ducats for completed 150 ducats for completed 200 ducats for completed 250 ducats for completed Rotating rewards that Baro usually has + sortie rewards 10-15 levels 20-30 levels 40-60 levels 70-90 levels 100+ levels (not steel path) All previous missions are also unlocked *numbers are all just for example At the end of the week (Saturday and Sunday) The Kiteer shop would unlock. All the gathered ducats could be spent for normal Baro Ki'teer trades and current sortie rewards. I realize this would probably decrease the price of The Legendary Fusion Core, but there are 2 thoughts I may have. 1 - I assume like 99% of us never dropped it anyway and the only reason we have one or two is because of stream drops or whatever else, 2 - The fact the core would appear in shop could also go through trade randomizer, just like all current Baro trades. Every mission would unlock as the week progresses, so player could not play a Friday mission on Monday. Also, every previous mission needs to be completed before unlocking weekend shop or later weekday's missions. I realize the chance that one of Digital Extremes would actually read that is almost as minor as getting Legendary Core from sortie, but I do like writing those. Even if its pointless its still fun. As always I appreciate some feedback. What's good, what's wrong.
  6. His 2 main purpose is shielding. His 4 main purpose is cc. The only ability that would truly benefit of ability strength is his 3 which honestly feels not right. using sprint to get additional 20% damage increase? meh. You already onehit most stuff with his normal roar. You are trying here to enhance his overly basic kit instead of adding something to it. Honestly would rather see him have a battery that increases his all damage and speed the longer he sprints and releases a shockwave in front of him if he stops sprinting. And making his dash work exactly like his iron charge does right now and adding another ability. Maybe something like Bonewidow's siphon grab. Would be funny to carry some enemies on your horn though the mission :D
  7. Cant forget such experience. It was sure funny, but to make it into warframe? I dunno. Maybe if it gets utilized correctly, but as the time stands I dont see it as a best idea for warframe. It may be just me tho. Not many people responded to this post yet.
  8. I cant agree on that part. Flight is very uncomfortable to use in tight normal mission runs even as titania. In her example It can get used to it. Wukong can fly because he actually shrinks his hitbox as well and floats as a cloud. Chroma on the other hand he is a dragon. Dragons dont shrink themselves to fly. Quite an opposite, they would rather enlarge. Chroma already has a massive mass using him in normal missions would not only be uncomfortable but also unnecessary. For open worlds you already have an archwing so why would we have a 3rd archwing frame in game. I get it that you're trying to make Chroma into an attack helicopter that uses firearms as his weapons in an efficient way and its an amazing idea. But that would work better in a game entirely based around open world gameplay. Its not for warframe. As for the stand I can already see how much problems it can give. DE have problems with some attachemnts to cover your aim and what about effingy. If it followed you it would be either too slow for you, or too fast depending on what you're doing. At this point even current effingy works better since you can leave a sentry to care one spot while you go collect loot
  9. If Thats the type of gameplay you are trying to achieve I suppose ability strength is not the right choice. Maybe stacking immunity to knockdowns? After sprinting for 3 seconds rhino gains knockdown resistance for 10 seconds? My main concern about Rhino is just how basic he is. Even some beginner content is not as basic as his kit.
  10. well, you tried. But frame needs a bit more brainscratching
  11. As far as I understand concept looks absolutely rad, but I don't understand one thing. Is effingy always part of the frame or does it detach in some scenarios? From what you explained it looks like its attached, but later you say that effingy follows its own movement like a separate object. Also, frame does look a bit overloaded at this point. It is a great idea but lets leave some room for other frames to outshine Chroma in few missions. Lets keep effingy as Chroma's passive. A back-cannon which fires projectiles, debuffs and buffs. Make his 4 an ability to control his backcannon: click and hold to switch between attack or wings. Attack mode would fire a exploding projective that does minor damage, but applies some status effects (similar how Cedo's secondary fire) every now and then, maybe also slows (ya know a drake just threw up at some poor souls a toxic sludge, it could be sticky) and wing mode would simply increase your movement - higher parkour velocity, additional bullet jump, slower falling, immunity to knockdowns and minor increase to movement speed. Much simpler and much more likely to actually happen Spectre scream is just a very poor ability in general at the moment and your suggestion is like bringing a duct tape to fix broken vase :/ we should either be able to use it while firing our weapons, or straight on replaced with something else
  12. 1. She still has a passive that could be reworked. 2. There is an augment that allows her controled unit to deal increased damage. From what I recall you can also fire your firearm at the target during its invulnerability phase to further enhance its damage. The issue with this ability is not its damage, but the way this damage is applied. Enemy AI is not very reliable in that department. 3. Psychic bolts, as much as they serve their job already some coverage buff could be applied 4. You have basically just described how her 4 works right now, except removed movement penalty which is truly an unnecessary addition for such a weak ability by itself (I know there are some people who can make it work, but I seriously don't care about this frame enough to try it. Other frames do the same much easier without setting up). I know that it does explosion so blast somehow makes sense, but tbh that wouldn't do much. We can think 2 ways. Make it slash damage and make a second garuda (doesn't make sense but an actually good damage ability) or Radiation damage to leave survivors kinda affected by chaos.
  13. Can we please get some login check that does "If a player have not yet loaded into his orbiter, one can not start another mission" This bug exists for at least 4 years now and it still remains unfixed. Whenever a player loads into his orbiter after other teammate have already started voting for a following mission the UI disappears making the late player to unable to accept mission, leave squad or see profile. The only solution is to restart the game. How long will this bug still remain unfixed? It actually heavily affects the performance.
  14. He is not supposed to be tanky i know, it's just the only solution for him as of right now. When a frame is based around casting stuff they usually have some sort of abilities that prevent them from being damaged. Ash invisibility, Banshee silence, equinox rest and rage, frost globe, Garuda shield, harrow shield stacking, ivara invisibility, limbo rift, loki invis, mag shield gating and bubble, mirage doppelgangers, revenant mesner skin, trinity link, vauban's every single ability, zephyr's airburst and turbulence. Usually a crowd control or damage prevention does flawlessly for those frames. While sevagoth lacks both. He doesn't have to be tanky, but there is no other option for him than be a siphon for his team and his shadow.
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