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  1. TYPE: Weapon-specific DESCRIPTION: Radial damage of thrown melee weapon is NOT affected by Condition Overload VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Remove all mods from any thrown weapon (Glaive, Zenistar, Wolf Sledge), note the damage of explosion or aura. Install Condition Overload, pump enemy full of assorted status effects with primary or secondary weapon (avoid viral, heat or corrosive), note that radial damage does not change. EXPECTED RESULT: Damage in step 2 of reproduction should've increased. OBSERVED RESULT: It did not. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  2. DE, you missed the mark. CO does indeed now work for direct hits, but does not work for explosion. Nobody uses glaives for direct hits. Just like how you fixed stealth multishot for weapons with innate multishot, but didn't account for modded multishot, nor weapons that have multiple damage instances i.e. direct hit and explosion. If you actually read this and decide to fix it further, make sure it works for following: Zenistar disc direct hit Zenistar disc aura Wolf sledge direct hit Wolf sledge explosion Caustacyst goo Edit: Oh wait! You didn't fix stealth multishot despit
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