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  1. It is honestly mindboggling that they spend time and resources to make stuff like this again and again....and give players exactly zero reason to do said "content" Why?!?!? :D
  2. Still waiting on the solo-mode for RJ.....and have yet to touch the Lich thingy.......maybe someday....not :D
  3. 60?!??! 😬 Guess I lucked out with "only" 19 :D Not doing it again though :/
  4. Im going steady at 5MB/s atm........seems like a huuuuuuge update though? :D
  5. Well,using that logic,the devs actually think Xaku is a good frame?? That players would like? Yea not buying it :D I made it to 30...barely....dont think I'll be touching him again,unless/untill a major rework :/
  6. I already had 2 open worlds I never go to beacuse progression is halted since I am missing some RNG drop I have never seen...Im guessing this will be the third :D
  7. " one the stupidest decisions I've ever witnessed." Yup... So far I spent a total of one evening on the new open world....and I just cant be a*sed to go back.....with more and more rng and blocks added,it feels my time in warframe is over ....the fun just isnt there anymore 😕
  8. Well I for one would play it...if the command intrinsic had been released so I could go it alone in my own pace....:D For now its just sitting there waiting 😕
  9. I'm not saying I may have gotten one without watching the stream....but if someone did,and levelled it up...could it then be taken away at some point? That would be bad for some unnamed person possibly mayhaps 😄
  10. O noes! Someone you dont know said you were "bad" at a game?? You must be so sad right now /carebearstare 🙂 Seriously...why can't people just worry about their own life...djeeezus 😄
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