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  1. I just use wukong.....,me and clone on opposite sides...and just kill it until its dead.......any issues just defy and continue ;)
  2. You had a TV? Luxury! We had to stare at a square cardboard box and imagine seeing things :/
  3. Hmmm, I have played solo for years,no problem....maybe I am doing it wrong? :D
  4. Impossible?? More like impossible not to get,considering NW lasts for months and months and more months... I do maybe 1/3 of the challenges a week,and I usually get to rank 30 2-3 months before they end the season :/
  5. My advice ; plan it out on paper first.... ;) I didn't ,and now my dojo is on looooooooong corridor with some offshots......rooms just crammed in wherever I could with no system or order- :( And that is with deleting and rebuilding severeal spaces :D edit: or use a planner,like someone posted above me o.O Damn wish I had that one a year ago :D
  6. 1658 hours played....reached MR 20 a while back. Goals? not one,besides having fun ;)
  7. Talking about too little info; I played and enjoyed this game about a year,until I decided to continue some questchains I had sort of ignored up to this point.... Then I discovered *spoilermode* and found that there was a bit more to the game then I thought :D o.O
  8. I put Condemn on her 1 instead of the silly grenades....now I wreck everything in sight :D
  9. Hmmm,1000+ days played....and I was today years old when I learned about arcane helmets...o.O
  10. How did you get the mindcontrolled to actually attack something?? Whenever I try,it just stands there looking dumb until time runs out.. o.O
  11. opinion: Each nightwave lasts for several months....any player that does not have several hundred nitains in stock now only have themselves to blame.... /debate :D
  12. All I can say is...if you have to watch something else instead of "suffering through" the game you are playing..........it's time to find a new game o_0
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