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  1. Has anyone noticed the price for the prime accessories packs keeps going up by 10 bucks with each new prime access? And at 50 bucks is way to much in my opinion especially since they are not giving plat with them.
  2. I am having this issue as well but it did not start until today Monday the 18th of March.
  3. Okay so I want to say I appreciate the work you have put into Fortuna and the Orb Valis. So here is a couple of questions that I would at least like to know that you are aware of. Are you going to fix pet hair? Are you going to fix the dirty hair look of the new operator hairstyles? Are you going to allow us to forma for the Umbra polarity? Are you going to bring out other Umbra warframes? Is there any way we can get a skin for Mesa that gives her the TRUE gunslinger look with a duster and a real cowbow hat? Thank you for all the good work and I look forward to seeing if you answer or just ignore my questions. 🙂
  4. Umm..... I really appreciate the hard work you put in on Mesa Prime she looks good, BUT the Prime accessories are VERY disappointing. I would have MUCH MUCH MUCH rather have had the option of a duster syndanna rather than operator accessories and a sugatra. In fact if the only thing you gave was that syandanna I would have been ecstatic and would have tripped all over my self getting to my wallet to get the prime accessories. Unfortunately going to pass and not think twice about these accessories so just going to farm her parts in game and not waste my money. to sum it up what we wanted with Mesa Prime and her Prime Accessories was a cool looking gunslinger with an awesome duster a Stetson hat something that looks like they just waled out of the gunfight at the OK coral, and what we got was A rodeo clown in chaps.
  5. So why is it in a game with mostly group content all of the story missions are going to solo only?
  6. Can we please get Garuda's charge times reduced and can we get more coverage from her shield other that just in front of you? Perhaps with her shield maybe a 180 degree curve instead of just right at your front side. Arcwing changes? Current the Moa companions are squishy as all get out can we get some sort of buff to there health or perhaps some extra health as they rank up? When will you turn on the mastery reward for the Vent Kid races currently there is no incentive or reason to do them at all? I am personally really really enjoying Fortuna and the Orb Valis ty for the hard work on them.
  7. Anyone else not getting this to download and update? Keep getting update failed Never mind just took forever I guess everyone is trying to get it at the same time.
  8. Chroma Rework, Chroma Rework, Chroma Rework????
  9. Can you tell us who the next prime will be? Can you put in the functionality to use your personal resources as opposed to using the guild vault resources for crafting decorations in the Clan Dojo? Are you going to be looking into expanding Rail Jack for 8 playes as there is no current big group end game content in Warframe? Also can you put Orokin Reactors and Catalyst in relics replace the silver level forma bps with those bps?
  10. Are you going to be exploring the idea of expanding Railjack to an 8 man trial mode? Can we please get a difficult to acquire special forma to allow the umbra polarity to at least prime frames? Can we get Arch-wing movement rework to allow us to slow down or stop easily (reverse thrusters, magnetic anchor, or something)? Can we please get a passive system added to all warframes for vacuum? That way you could then finally end the debate and take vacuum away from sentinels.
  11. Are you guys limiting Rail Jack to 4 players? I think you should also put out a mode that has 8 players so that you could expand on the concept, you could have more than one gunner, a couple maybe with objectives in space with archwing and so forth. Sort of a way to get raids back but different. any information on melee and pet reworks (univac FTW) Expected timelines (be vague is you want) for Railjack, Fortuna and, The New War
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