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  1. Use the wiki and look at the missions. you will want to pick one that has a high drop rate and you don't mind farming. I sometimes take little lower drop rate over sanity of mission type.
  2. As a community if it was unpleasant, chances are people did things incorrectly to drag it out and cause issues. We should be offering to help each other. As a society... F off mate. lol jk
  3. I have not once been harassed for being capped MR. I am also sitting at 28 right now and most people don't even talk. I'm surprised if I see "GG" at the end of a mission. If someone uses voice chat I think I am hearing things. I also have been playing non meta just to change the game play up. I think you just have bad luck with groups.
  4. Not sure I would want them to have a current secondary but adding more to operator would be nice. A second form of weapon would be nice. Maybe a new type of amp different from the one we know.
  5. I enjoy my radiation build on arca plasmor and gara build. Never had issues.
  6. You should never do that in any game program. Even if the data saves you run the risk of corruption because you are forcing the application closed over let it do its correct shutdown process.
  7. Generally don't play missions you can one shot enemies. Or learn to scale back your damage. Need need to give them a tick to change. Also make sure you all stay together (lol like that will happen) so all the fissures are near by and not missed.
  8. Zelmen

    Flechette orb

    Vauban for anyone who wants to understand the context for a un-contextual post. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Minelayer
  9. I know they added 3 sec grace period to leaving ships for this same reason. Loading screens of any kind make users lose control in order to react properly.
  10. Once you get the success window all loot has been sent your inventory. You can abort. I will agree there needs a better user experience because with out trial an error it is not understood. I only know this because I got a sentient piece and the host got bugged out being unable to use the nav. We all aborted and kept loot.
  11. Is that a button or a switch?
  12. I just want to 100% my dojo research...
  13. Who's hyped for her to be primed next!
  14. Why do people people have different physical features around the world we are all human... Frames are all technically living organisms so why not have differences in physical appearance.
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