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  1. Steam and this game are weird. I was missing one for the longest time and then it finally appeared one day. Just worry about what it says under your profile In-Game. Steam will update at some point.
  2. Since you said it twice. Just be aware you want "Migration" not "Mitigation". One is what you want, to roll an account to a new platform. The other is to reduce the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something.
  3. Nope, but if you need a basic mods look for me in game. I normally keep dups to get over the lack of decent mods bump for new players (not that you're new).
  4. Disruption doesn't become C only loot. You can always get B loot no matter how long you stay. This allows you to farm B or C. On Lua I farm B so I don't get anything but axi relics. 1 AAAB 2 AABB 3 ABBC 4+BBCC
  5. Without a mouse to control I can't look at the loot while loading back into the ship. Without the stats I can't look at who did what while loading back into the ship Who thought having the squad in the background was a good idea? It takes things longer when trying to do other things like run to the foundry and start the next craft in between missions. Things like going to the dojo after railjack is really jarring when you are walking around and the summary just pops up because it was waiting for the ship to land. What's with the hide summary anyway? If I want a picture of the squad I
  6. If you are waiting in the elevator at the end of Profit Taker Part 3 before the dialogue ends. You will not get the mission specific loot. Forcing player to wait for all dialogue to finish before entering. Unknowing players will miss out like I just did.
  7. Why is only the heavy weapon linked to the warframe loadout. I was just swapping thing around when I noticed this. MAKE THE WHOLE LOADOUT LINKED!!! What the hell is the point of loadouts if you link one part to the warframe. Hell fashion frame is a big thing why can't I make my k-drive to my frame. This make no sense. Link the travel loadout (4th tab) to the warframe. If pets do it why not travel If focus trees do it why not travel If heavy weapons do it why not make the whole damn loadout
  8. There goes my Saturday afternoon fun...
  9. Fluctus should not be the solution when this is open to any people who completed the required quests but might not have that weapon.
  10. Appearently the Orphix Venom vortex thingies can spawn behind the corpus Gated doors. Not enough time to do that and kill the Orphix at higher levels.
  11. Don't forget you can edit the original post. As for the topic it would be nice. Would be nice to also build modular weapons and see which parts we actually want. Sadly Forma is a big income for DE being a F2P so it's unlikely ...
  12. There is defiantly people who have invested more time into the number than me but I will say this. Best weapon does not equal Best weapon for you. To keep with the sniper rifle example, I prefer the Rubico while other like Vectis Prime. I can sustain DPS over a couple of shot easier than a single shot of the Vectis. I also have a riven I capitalize on. Play style has a huge effect on how sustainable a weapon will be for you to play with. Taking play style out of the mix you can use the testing rooms in the relays. It not too hard to unlock them. The correct mods can make or break a weapon
  13. Not sure why it matters so much to be in a clan. You can find a small one that feels the same way but can help when new BP come out. As long as the labs exist you will always need one regardless of railjack. You don't even need to go to the clan to get in the railjack. Other than clan made events there really is no obligations to them either. I think you are just being needy. Also this is General Discussions. If you actually want to aim this at DE you need to go to the feedback section. Only players here and we can't change anything.
  14. With the production value I wouldn't be surprised if they don't bring the sentient invasion back. Got so many of my intrinsic out of the railjack style missions because of how high level they got up too.
  15. Why would a fish run away when walking near it in stealth??!! Why would a fish run away from a missed throw with a spear the says "silent" in the tooltip??!! Why would a infested run RIGHT TO ME from a throw with a spear the says "silent" in the tooltip (AND IN STEALTH)??!! Please fix!
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