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  1. That seems like one more disruptive prompt to add to the game because you have trained yourself to just auto click things.
  2. please revert Amp self-stagger. Most secondary shoots stagger just stand and aiming up in the air. How can you allow a stagger range so large you can't even avoid it. either increase the range before the explosions so we can be further away or revert it to no stagger please.
  3. so you want a kick option. All I got was you love the game and some people talk down to lower ranks. Welcome to the online world were people find the dumbest things to have an ego about. A credit card warrior can little hit max rank in 29 days buying and rushing everything to completion. So MR means nothing. Anyone using MR for elitist actions is a jerk. That said the only exception I will make for higher MR is they they most likely know something about builds or where to get blueprints. Even that is a small exception with how many people leech xp. Hours played is the only possible way to guess a players knowledge. If people are harassing you, report them. It's against the rules and this can be done in-game clicking on their name.
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  5. I like plato on lua, easy extermination since you need to kill to get it to spawn. I get one every run.
  6. Guess I'll just shoot and hope I can hit it.
  7. MR Melee 0 Cronus • Dual Skana • Fang • Jaw Sword • Kestrel • Lecta • MK1-Bo • MK1-Furax • Silva & Aegis • Skana • Zaw - Balla • Zaw - Cyath • Zaw - Dehtat • Zaw - Dokrahm • Zaw - Kronsh • Zaw - Mewan • Zaw - Ooltha • Zaw - Plague Keewar • Zaw - Plague Kripath • Zaw - Rabvee • Zaw - Sepfahn 1 Dual Kamas • Glaive • Kama • Machete • Magistar 2 Ankyros • Dark Dagger • Dual Zoren • Fragor • Gram • Kogake • Nami Skyla • Orthos • Scindo 3 Ack & Brunt • Anku • Ceramic Dagger • Dual Heat Swords • Galatine • Heat Dagger • Heat Sword • Kronen • Pangolin Sword • Prova • Tipedo • Tonbo 4 Bo • Boltace • Ether Reaper • Guandao • Nikana • Obex • Plasma Sword • Redeemer • Venka • Xoris 5 Amphis • Atterax • Cassowar • Dark Split-Sword • Dual Cleavers • Furax • Gazal Machete • Jat Kittag • Mire • Okina • Orvius • Ripkas • Sheev • Sydon 6 Dex Dakra • Dual Ichor • Dual Raza • Ether Daggers • Galvacord • Karyst • Kreska • Nami Solo • Scoliac • Serro • Sibear • Tekko 7 Broken Scepter • Caustacyst • Cerata • Destreza • Dual Keres • Endura • Ether Sword • Halikar • Hirudo • Kesheg • Lacera • Pennant • Pupacyst • Tatsu • Twin Basolk • Wolf Sledge 8 Ankyros Prime • Dark Sword • Dragon Nikana • Dual Ether • Dual Kamas Prime • Falcor • Gunsen • Hate • Masseter • Mios • Ninkondi • Ohma • Prisma Skana • Prova Vandal • Rakta Dark Dagger • Sancti Magistar • Sarpa • Scindo Prime • Secura Lecta 9 Furax Wraith • Heliocor • Korrudo • Krohkur • Lesion • Pathocyst • Prisma Dual Cleavers • Volnus 10 Arca Titron • Bo Prime • Broken War • Cobra & Crane • Dakra Prime • Destreza Prime • Fang Prime • Glaive Prime • Kogake Prime • Paracesis • Prisma Obex • Reaper Prime • Redeemer Prime • Shaku • Stropha • Tipedo Prime • Twin Krohkur • War 11 Jat Kusar • Machete Wraith • Nami Skyla Prime • Skiajati • Synoid Heliocor • Telos Boltace • Vaykor Sydon 12 Ceti Lacera • Fragor Prime • Nikana Prime • Orthos Prime • Silva & Aegis Prime • Tekko Prime 13 Galatine Prime • Kronen Prime • Kuva Shildeg 14 Gram Prime • Ninkondi Prime • Pangolin Prime • Venka Prime 15
  8. Did you reload and clear cache in browser? That is normally needed for glyph and name changes
  9. When new primes come out every 3 months the oldest prime not vault will enter the vault. Titania was released March 31st so there should be a new prime and change of relics in the next month or so. Chroma should be next since limbo was vaulted last. So Mesa is after that. That said, DE works on their own time lines so there is always 1+ or -1 month from the 3 month rule from last release. Short answer: 4-5 months
  10. Trying to group with people last night in the US are not working... Guess it's just spreading now.
  11. Having played this mission a handful of times now I can say we really need a hard mode. There is so many things I would love to see in this fight. I would love to see the grid wall go from floor to ceiling and have openings to jump through. Currently it just spins and later in the fight changes directions. I would love to see some addition enemies for a little added madness. Only a few later in the fight not profit taker level. That takes away from enjoy the beauty of the map and boss fight. I just want expert modes for people who know the basics and want more of a challenge. Only giving it more armor / health does not increase difficulty. It creates a grind after losing the one shot kill aspect. (Which by the way great job with the 4 phase mechanic. This helps.) We want unpredictability. Maybe rather then the pillars blowing up and disappearing the parts should be on the ground to make movement harder and also add to the fact a battle is happening. This would be great for a hard mode. This, even in the current state, is not great for the first boss of the game This seems rather advanced for the first boss fight of the game. While you can hide behind the pillars (even the broken one seem to block the wall a little. The wall is visually blocked but clips through and still does damage. Should be tweaked.) none of that is clear for new players. Maybe highlight the ground one where they can stand or lotus can say take cover more clearly. Having recently been playing with someone who started only a few weeks ago, they still haven't perfected the movement in this game. The wall moves too fast. The parazon is all new to them and the indicator to run up and interact is not big enough. Having dealt with liches I knew to run in go for the stabby. Maybe lotus needs to be more blunt and say "go in and stab it with your parazon before it recovers". Telling a new play to "use your parazon" doesn't explain much. Lastly, remove the damn cut scene. If you are not going to let people skip it don't have it. Open the wall and move the jackal to the next room. Leave the wall open for two reasons. First people may want to go backwards and explore for the gold hand, or just want resources. Second it would prevent people getting blocked from exiting. It is 100% acceptable to not use a cut scene. Let players control their frame and jump into the next room. It not going to hurt anything if they are a little slower getting there. For the experience players it will be faster. maybe some of the pillar debris from the first room makes a ramp to jump to the second room. All of this has been done in warframe before.
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