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  1. Should count like a pet kill. Credit goes on the stat page but all the xp goes to your amp since your in operator. On avg I probably in operator 30% of the time. Knock-back, energy, healing, and killing. In Arbi I kill the drones with operator half the time.
  2. Its been extended so there is a good chance you can casually hit rank 30. Otherwise it comes down to mods / gear / time available. I normally knock out everything but dailies in an hour or two after Sunday's reset. I think we are on week 7 so you will need 10hrs to get through everything via catch mech???
  3. An alliance member was talking about this last night too. It's just a feature 😛
  4. Two garbage balls roll down. First gets squished under the machine and the second is squished from afar. Weird watching a flat object roll. Guess it has a range mod.
  5. I remember this one... was one of the more annoying ones. This was around back when I did it so it been out for a while. Could help others for sure.
  6. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us No one here can help. Expect this to get locked in the next few hours because the help you need is only in support.
  7. So you always have something to do. Sounds like you found a fulfilling game to play.
  8. Frame kills don't level weapons. If you haven't seen all the Nightwave posts, no one has friends in warframe.
  9. Wrong section, this should be in feedback. Unless you are looking for a discussion but this sounds like feedback.
  10. Please make the buttons bigger so an adult can use it. The number of times I slightly miss and nothing happens or it closes the pop-up is highly annoying. If the header is X why are the buttons half of X. For extractors there is no reason not to make it the whole section. Its already dived by break lines.
  11. Doesn't look like anyone said it, don't use a weapon with air time. Only adds to missing the target if your not used to hitting target moving away from you.
  12. Build Duration and mod out a strong weapon. Loki not meant to be seen.
  13. Welcome to players helping players. We have memes. Can we fix it memes? No? Go to feedback, bugs, or best option being support where you talked to DE directly.
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