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  1. im at 22 currently. So having atleast 5 weeks left would be great
  2. 1) Ember. Nothing need to be said here. 2) Vauban. When is the last time you've seen a Vauban??????? 3) Nyx. Shes not very usefull
  3. Yeah, I wish I knew they would nerf the cosmetics of the Wukong deluxe. If I knew they would, I would not have purchased the skin. Hopefully they revert back the glass like skin, that by the way, shows up on the market when you buy it. And lets not forget the log-in screen
  4. Agree. The glass like skin was what made me buy his deluxe skin, because it was unique. Now, it's plain and I can't help but feel like he was made uglier. Can we please have it reverted back or at least have the option to add the glass layer
  5. I noticed this too. I hope they revert this back. His skin looks less awesome now
  6. How do you prevent Wukongs minion from attacking the synthesis target. It's impossible for me to scan the target, when my minion keeps attacking it. Is there a way to prevent it? Or do you have to disband the minion, which sometimes is a little hard when you notice the target right in front of you and Wukongs minion 1-2 shots it :S
  7. Where are they exactly? I can't find it on the map, even when I am on my K drive. Am i doing something wrong? I tried to reload Fortuna a few times and looked at the map where k drive races can start, but none where to be found. So if anyone of you guys know where they happen to be today, would you mind sharing it?
  8. Inaros with arcanes and imperator vandal with a riven are good enough. With Inaros, you won't have to worry dying constantly and you can just sit back while you watch some YouTube videos. Personally it's not fun to have a 300% str Chroma that dies constantly. But if you like that then you can go that route.
  9. Can I switch my old glyph with this new one?
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