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  1. It's fixed, I got my deployer now, thank you DE!
  2. Bump, got the dev's to acknowledge the issue on stream I hope this is fixed soon. We need our Archgun deployers!
  3. There are many of us with you on this, farmed all the rep to get the deployer and then this. RIP
  4. Well that sucks, I hope it gets fixed soon! I don't wanna imagine leveling my Ayanga 6 times in ach missions
  5. After clicking the first one once, both consoles become inactive and we are unable to progress further even after the reboot.
  6. As I returning player I just got to old mate and unlocked the bounites to get my archgun deployer(first lich had a good % ayanga), but upon reaching phase 3 I think something is up. If I've read up correctly; we need to hack two consoles within a minute of each other, but after the reboot both consoles die and are no longer clickable. Is this a bug or am I just missing something? I've never completed this before so I have no idea how it's supposed to go, but I've spent a few hours trying different things with folks and can't seem to complete this at all.
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