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  1. All this time waiting for content and I can't even get through the bounties without it bugging and failing me before I get to the objective. On top of that the bounties I can do seem silly and directionless. Kill 15 drones in 7 mins but only 8 drones spawn.
  2. Will frame fighter eventually get more fleshed out. I recognize that it's a minigame but I just think it'd be cool to get some fixes and AI opponents to waste some more time with. Maybe even adding some NPCs into the mix as playable characters, AI opponents, or both.
  3. Pure gold. Thanks so much for finally doing this. I play this frame 19% of the time (last I checked) but felt he was very lacking. This change is just what he needed with out having to deviate too much from you guy's original design. Brilliant. I already know I'll love it.
  4. I can't see how this frames ability is press and forget when using this ability gets me murdered on high level content. The fourth ability was already trash since it was just a way to beg a level 100+ bombarded to murder you in one shot before you could even redirect the damage for the low price of 20energy per second. Shame especially since you had the nerve to compare it to mesa's peacemaker but i guess only female frames are allowed to do damage and go into high level content. Test these frames on high level content before you release and adjust them. This game is a balancing nightmare and it being co-op makes nerfs an unnecessary fix.
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