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  1. From what I seen from a certain place, I'd rather not have it. The horrors. So many things I can't unsee and I wish I could.
  2. Ah, you watched "warframe partners." Most of them do nothing but S#&$ on the game for views anyways because any form of drama=revenue. If you like the game and think it's good, then that is all you need for validation. Also, the partner program is full of clowns, in my opinion.
  3. OP, if this is bait I swear to Ballas's lucky arm... Whether someone thinks anything is good or bad is subjective, however asking on a site dedicated to Warframe would indicate that Warframe is considered a good game by a majority of the people here. If you're making this thread because you see all the complaints, that's because some of us want to see the game improve and are expressing it (sometimes very poorly) in the hopes it gets improved a certain way. I give Warframe a 8/10.
  4. The amount of serious replies after it was pointed out before is unsettling.
  5. Don't like ruining a good joke. OP is being sarcastic. If you take any of it seriously, you're probably the punchline.
  6. Again with the white knight bs. Just because someone doesn't agree with you, it doesn't mean they're a white knight. Seriously, that stupid as hell title is used to try and shut other opinions down. If I think it means nothing, then I think it means nothing. There isn't any more to it, it's really that simple. You may think it does, and that's fine. You can think what you want. But keep in mind, if you want to have any kind of discussion, don't be quick to dismiss the opinion of others. Otherwise you come off as narrow minded and petty because "whit nites tryna ruin muh dread."
  7. Why won't the forums update my notification feed? I've already read all those updates, stop bolding them already. Also, happy 4 hours of sleep everyone.
  8. Means absolutely nothing. Seriously, this "Warframe vs X Game" has gone from meme to sad. Both games have their good and bad points, it all comes down preference in the end, and there's nothing that says you have to play one of them exclusively.
  9. I mean, valid until that tone deaf promotion of your highly laughable thread. Basically, a lot of your points will be lost to that alone.
  10. Happened a few times before, probably won't happen again and if it does it won't stay locked long.
  11. So we should know about a "theft" that isn't actually happening is what you're saying. The article you posted disproved it before the other comments here further disproved it. So again, you're either intentionally trying to start something over nothing or you don't actually know what's going on. That's quite a stretch there, don't ya think?
  12. So you see this is a fanmade thing and either are intentionally trying to start a S#&$storm for no reason, or you didn't do your research.
  13. Or, what if instead the augment gets changed to enemies hit by pull are tethered to each other? You know, something that doesn't shoehorn mag into the loot meta that will get her hard nerfed again.
  14. I get the joke but I'm insulted. I actually know how to cook because my parents made sure I did. Had to cook for a seven person household for most of my life and I had to teach myself new recipes that are delicious, filling, and healthy. Make fun of anything else about me, but I can cook some good food goddamnit. It's the only thing I really got going for me.
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