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  1. There is literally nothing to discuss. You're just being salty and targeting one frame because of some petty reasons. In fact, discussion pretty much ended when you suggested that limbo players should be reported. I give your salty rant a 2/10.
  2. If you can talk on discord or Skype, ask her if she is getting a "failure to connect to chat" message over and over again. That's the chat connection bug. Other than that, there is really nothing you can do unless you get any kind of information from her.
  3. Don't pay attention to people like them. They'll only give you the wrong info. There could be a number of things happening: - They're just unable to connect to chat due to a bug. It happens from time to time and usually requires the chat server to be restarted. - They're currently under a chat suspension. If that's the case, they have to go to support to resolve it. - You could be experiencing a chat bug that shows someone is online when they're actually offline and vice versa. Any way it is, not much you can do on your end but test if it is the bug side. Try messaging another friend and see if the problem persists. Usually a good indicator.
  4. I need to get a switch and the new smash
  5. Combat dry reading with a tall glass of water. Also it is almost 5 am and I haven't slept yet so I don't know how effective that joke is and don't have the sense to care right now.
  6. Unlucky. That beats my issue by 10 miles.
  7. Incorrect. There are plenty of threads that have criticisms that aren't locked. The reason is is that they have an even ground for discussion by highlighting a problem, why it is a problem and sometimes suggestions to fix it without resorting to the age old "devs don't care/are lazy/ are incompetent" arguments. You didn't do any form of constructive criticism. I'll summarize your thread. "the bugs I found aren't getting fixed and the devs don't care because the players aren't yelling about it." That's an outsiders perspective mind you. If that wasn't the intent, you missed the mark.
  8. But without people like them how else would I know I'm smarter than the average bear?
  9. So I could get some context, I went back and read the thread that was locked. I could not even understand what point you were trying to get across. The only thing that stood out was you basically saying "devs don't care and that players just accept it." That thread wasn't constructive if it was meant to be feedback, and seemed to portray an "us vs them" attitude more than provide any insight. And yes, if you have an issue with moderation, you take it up with them and work something out. Arguing and accusing someone of being part of the problem surprisingly doesn't fix your issue.
  10. Waiting for my new mouse to come in be like
  11. But what about for your best buddy?
  12. And yet warframe is still doing fine. It has been doing fine for the past 4 years. Your argument is warframe should focus on something that isn't and hasn't been the selling point of the game in order to compete with a game that is currently in a demo phase that isn't getting pvp on launch. Sure, it may come in the future but guess what, it won't affect warframe directly. Because people can play more than one game and enjoy more than one thing. I'm gonna quote this for hilarity Just because 80% of the 10-20 people you talk to say they want something, doesn't mean it's what the entire playerbase wants. Just like how the forums here only make up a small percentage of the player base. So again, you don't know what you're talking about. You're not some prophet. You're not an oracle. You're just a random player who can't read trends and has said what other doomsayers said before. And you've all been wrong.
  13. Warframe is currently sitting at number 6 on daily players for games on steam, and number 2 for top sellers for f2p. So, Warframe is doing just fine in the free to play department for sales and is in the top ten for players. That's mighty impressive considering it's a pve focused game. In other words, you don't know what you're talking about.
  14. Hello doomsayer number 5,286. Every time a new game in the sci-fi looter shooter genre comes out, Warframe hasn't taken a substantial hit and is still here. Please understand, none of you have been correct. It is much appreciated if you all stop trying to be oracles of gaming and leave people to enjoy what they enjoy. Thank you
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