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  1. Shh, don't try to correct them. It's funnier to watch them mishandle stats.
  2. Is that piss stain still a partner? I haven't been keeping up.
  3. You're right, it is a bunch if burnt out salty vets making destiny threads. Honestly, I don't care for destiny because it's too slow for me and I'm not playing it because it isn't in my interests. Seeing the players that are going "hur dur destinty Warframe killer, lol XD" puts me off of it even more because it represents the destiny community in the wrong light.
  4. Oh no, what ever will happen if someone were to point out that acting like this on a game forum is outrageous. Oh wait, because that's exactly what it turned into. Congratulations, you derailed a thread to try and make it all about you.
  5. I don't know what others a are going through but I'm not going to jump through hoops to find out. This all started because you couldn't take a joke or recognize a joke. You either get it or you don't. The way you react is on you. And the way others act is on them. Again, I have no sympathy for someone using a serious issue to try and win or shutdown an argument over something so mundane on the internet.
  6. And that's relevant to this topic how? You threw that out of nowhere, and it makes you look like you're reaching for sympathy. It's not our reasonability to know what you or anyone you know are going through. That's not something you just casually drop in a thread unless you think that would shut people up. It paints you in a bad light, I'd say even more so than you have done. That seems like an overreaction to what was originally a harmless joke about where to post feedback threads.
  7. I have no sympathy for those that try to use another person's suffering to try and win an argument. Hope the best for your son but that's a very low thing you just did. Yes, I'm gonna call you on that one, bud. And you're hard overreacting over a joke.
  8. Here's a good idea: ask support to delete your account. That way you don't feel tempted to come back.
  9. So emojis mean something is humourous? Or did people forget how to not take absolutely everything seriously and not overreact over everything? Forgot my emoji 💩
  10. This got a partial "heh" out of me. That's as close to a laugh as this thread is gonna get from me, sadly. And your view is highly misinformed and poorly thought out. I'll take bets on whether or not you can figure out why.
  11. This made me exhale out my nose a little bit. Almost had a full laugh, but not quite there yet.
  12. Someone doesn't understand sarcasm. This is actually the proper use of the term white knight, which is so rare that I forgot it had a meaning in the first place. I agree, OP is white knighting hard.
  13. I'm here to set a salt reminder. Mainly cause I see salt coming to this thread soon.
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