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  1. This looks better (the left part), except missing blue efect from shoulders. It is more detailed, the lights are better and it looks like a real piece of stone. That dirty effect render more realistic the aspect of the stone...
  2. I encounter two times this situation. I was forced to max it out on Salacia - archwing mision. But there when i finished the mision, lvl stopped at 24 and when i opened the inventory in orbiter was already maxed.
  3. Where you have this option, or where should be? Because i dont remeber to have it in the past...
  4. Uninstall and reinstall the game from steam also resolve the problem.
  5. It seems they want to be in that way. The light from the right part act like a broken light bulb...
  6. Bloom is reduced too much in case of some drops ( almost invisible from distance). For example pustulite and ganglions. Now, the two resource drops has almost no bloom ( very faint), and we can easily loose them on the ground.
  7. There is a visible delimitation effect that looks bad on night time in Plains of Eidolon using enhanced engine. There is a darker circle around me where is night and outside, the light is is higher with no shadows effects - like in the daylight.
  8. Mirror effect dissapeared ( void missions - enhanced beta engine). It is present on classic engine. Low resolution and high compressed textures. It look much much bad than before shrink of the game size. This will not be welcome by new players too. And again, i dont remember that someone complained that game looks too good and it need some adjustments in order to look bad. 40 Gigs was lower than majority of new games on the market and no one with minimal PC specs shouldn't complain about size of the game.
  9. This change could be implemented by DE in order to force us to do their vault missions in Deimos. But if i am bored of Deimos, if i done everrything there, why DE force me to go back to Deimos only for Amber stars? This is not right. And this is a non-anounced change in latest patches.
  10. This is present from the beginning of Deimos and it is easily noticed.
  11. After update 29.5 i encounter aleatory - black and white image at some point after zone 3 or 4 for example, when playing elite sanctuary onslaught. You can see in the attached image:
  12. Many textures from void look very bad after one of latest updates. There is visible high compression, low resolution, missing of any shiny effects. There is a general washed effect on many textures which was shiny in the past and was a pleasure to look at them. Now, that part of the game looks worst than the beginning of warframe. Update after update there are more visible bugs. What happened with you guys? You probably will reach a no return point, when you cannot repair all bugs, because new bugs apear over older an unresolved bugs. STOP for a time to add new content and repair first what is
  13. Storage lockers from any void mission looks horrible. Low resolution textures and bad gradient on them. Alot of other textures look like are at a very high lvl of compression. I think with those 2 big updates which shrinked the game from over 40 gigs to only 27, they trow it back 5 years ago....
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