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  1. Greasy_Mullet

    PC Matchmaking Issues [RESOLVED]

    Same issue here, I am in East Coast USA. Restarting the client seems to resolve until you change maps. So next round, bug is back.
  2. Greasy_Mullet

    The Sacrifice: Update 23

    Feedback: In game GUI: Why did you take away the green from when people accept the mission? It needs to come back. You can no longer hit control to quickly see your teams frames and weapons. Again, this needs to come back. Inventory GUI: Like the organization changes to see all the frames and weapons! Feels a little messy but a huge step in the right direction. Dont like the faded out icons Needs the name to be shown without hovering. Would be nice to group weapons by type (Show all Daggers or show all Shotguns) Icons gfx are a step backwards. AKBolto for example and AKBolto Prime look identical. Story: Overall very good. Few bugs that I am sure will be resolved quickly for those that have not finished it yet. Good writing and voice acting. Cliff hangers that last 10 months stink. Umbra Xcal: Looks amazing! Love the customer mods and weapons Overall very good story and new frame. Would like to see a few changes to the GUI but overall excellent work!