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  1. This game is one big NPC farming simulator. DE trying to be edgy and artistic lmao Stopped playing 2 years ago blerg
  2. yo Endrian you should make the dragon's legs less bulky and perhaps update it with the concept they've mentioned now the time you should be updating this thread and lol the fat bald guy lost some weight since I last saw a live stream 2 years ago, I also noticed they working on PVP now. I still remember the tears when people cried about PvP when people suggested it on the forums "OH NO GAME IS GOING TO GET RUINED HUEHEUE" oh the humanity and its lack of rational too bad the PvP is utter S#&$ and unbalanced
  3. Dragon frame confirmed for Warframe 2 con-firmed. Warframe = kill and farm mindless bots ayyy lmao
  4. Tank/Glas Cannon/Flying Dragon hehehhehehe
  5. Wow this frame is realy good. Never seen it before is it new?
  6. Yea I totaly agree with you. i also thing that is Dino not is Dragon :>:> piss of S#&$ is beter than dino
  7. Just do trial and error and make drawings.
  8. I like the one endrian made better tbh. ---> Warframe and other mobile games
  9. I'm back. I haven't touched this game for over a year now. When DE when Oh well back to CS GO OH NO PVP IN WARFRAME ITS END OF THE ZE WORLD HUEEE