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  1. Exacly,double dips in Slash procs,in practice you get much more damage (double to triple damage),and before it triple dipped in Gas procs (RIP Gas)
  2. A Nova não foi feita pelo Design Council
  3. Entretanto deram buff no viral
  4. Try to use it in slash proc builds and thank me later
  5. HoW aBoUt ReMoVe MoDs? Hum no,if I have equipment,I want to use it,but how can I use my equipment if I don't have mobs that can tank?Why would I waste hours and hours of farming mods,endo,credits,equipment,when there aren't needed?
  6. Yeah,very balanced,I can pretty much go with any weapon and deal damage against high level enemies,before it was challenging at least,you would spend hours in a mission to get a taste of how good is your equipment,now?Go with revenant and any weapon,gg ez
  7. Well,you need to see endgame levels (level 1000+),go with any tank frame and fail surviving,but Revenant will not take damage at all How to be immortal: Pick Revenant Build for max power strength and efficiency,Rolling Guard Enter in a mission,and every 7 seconds roll and use 2nd ability,GG wp
  8. You know that literally is one of the best tank abilites in this game,right? It can absorb a lvl 9999 projectile and stuns him,after that you can cast your 1st ability for free,and if you have at least 249% power strength (that you should have,because you are a Revenant) you can 1-shot every enemy in this game,except ones with damage reduction IIRC,like Index enemies. Revenant is one of the most overpowered frames in the game,not for your lvl 50 exterminate,but for a person that wants to reach an actual endgame,he is far better than nuke frames.
  9. It doesn't exist when you link a riven,only when you are rolling it.
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