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  1. Will the phone app be updated to include the information related to the new system? While you're at it, it would be really nice if it also included info on ongoing special events, tactical alerts, and Cetus/Fortuna bounties.
  2. All very good things. My main problem relates to major releases, such as the upcoming Fortuna. There are often a small number of massively sized feedback discussion threads for major releases, but because of the size, it feels like feedback put into those threads is often lost in the shuffle, and can get repetitive since you have to read through the entire thread to see if someone else has reported the same thing. In theory, it would be better to post individual discussion threads for each problem, tagged in the subject such as "[Fortuna] K-Drive caught on fire and exploded", but the bigger problem I see there is the forum gets massively bogged down with pages of feedback report threads. I don't see any good short term solution to the large feedback threads. Long term, however, have you considered incorporating some kind of searchable feedback/bug tracking system into the Forums? That would allow multiple reports to be collated on the same topic, comments on them to be included, and allow some kind of simple status feedback from DE to allow us to know that, yes, the problem has at least been noticed. Just an idea.
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