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  1. LOOOL nice. This should be a feature.
  2. Can we please have a toggle option to desactivate how Limbo's rift change how my whole screen looks like. One of the most annoying thing about Limbo (IMO) is that ugly appeareance when you are in the rift. Also, why a random player has the power to change how my whole game looks like (Limbo's 4th ability).
  3. Another k-drive + poop hunting stream!? yay!
  4. A bit sad to see elite alerts are the same as old mission but with a different twist. I was really expecting at least new maps maybe or new enemies to rekindle the fire.
  5. What about true veterans that have more than 900 days (for example) but before the logging system? It's like you're rewarding people loyal to the daily logging more than loyal to the game through several years.
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