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  1. I think Titania should focus on agrro negation to survive as it seem to work well in razorwing mode up until the razorflies got destroyed. So, her passive should let her have that benefit without the need to be razorwing all the time. Passive: spawn 2 razorflies which have higher threat rating than Titania. Casting an ability will revive all the razorflies with 1 additional razorflies. The razorflies will draw away enemy fire and damage enemies. Will spawn back few seconds after destroyed if no ability is cast. (allows razorflies to be spawn back while in razorwing mode without the need to recast Razorwing again to get back the razorflies.) Her 1st and 3rd ability should also help in her survivability. 1st ability ~ Echant: Echant a group of enemies into a trance for a duration. Enemies will go into a trance once hit by the ability and will either stand in place or walk slowly towards a nearby lantern (if have). (This ability synergize well with her 3rd ability and gives allies an easier target to hit.) 3rd ability ~ Lantern: Deploy lanterns that spawns razorflies that damages nearby enemies and draw away enemy fire. The lantern deployed will spawn razorflies which cover an area that damages enemies inside that area AND draw enemy fire away from the area around the lantern. (deploying a lantern is much more realiable compare to the original ability as it doesn't need enemies to cast and behave much like a stasis trap which just stays at the location it's placed. This also provide some protection to her and her allies that stands within the lantern's range.) Her 2nd ability is okay but the buffs given should be changed and the souls should be pulled towards Titania to lessen the trouble of getting the buffs. Her 4th ability will have 3 razorflies instead of 6 since her passive already provides the other 3 razorflies.
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