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  1. This post has been kind of hilarious so far. I think I commented earlier on. A lot of the internet's greatest attributes(worst, rather) lie in the anonymity of the poster/commenter/player. It is only logical that those too afraid to test the resolve of their peers in public will only try so here, where ultimately they get rooted out and punished where it is deserved. That said, I have no idea what is going on in the thread now. I tried to read and follow along but woof.
  2. Wait, the reward is relics? I just bought two of the three vaulted items on the player market... Ok...
  3. Thank you all at DE. I know that people will do everything in their power to be a nuisance and then backpedal once punished or accused, and even here they will do everything in their power to justify something they know in their hearts is malicious and problematic. This just makes it easier to look at chat.
  4. Thanks for fixing Corrupted Vor's beam attack vs Limbo. I appreciate you taking the time to see my bug report as well.
  5. Hi, I support releasing locked items to the public temporarily, but I can speak with everyone when I say that the choice of frames is disappointing. Ember has needed a rework for way too long and Frost Prime was just unvaulted with Ember in fact last year around the same time. This disappoints me as I started playing around that time and was hoping to see other Primed frames hit the relic rotation as time went on, but if we are just to expect to be fed them piecemeal over a very long period of time, I am very disappointed and even pained that DE is doing this. The unvaulting should be met with cheer, but look at the comments, DE, I implore you... people are saddened by this, because it looks like the developers make the decision completely arbitrarily, not at all paying attention to countless threads where people have given an opinion of their favorite Warframe; I promise you that Ember nor Frost are there. Does this mean you will eventually rework Ember and we'll wanna experience that to its fullest when the time comes? Or are you really that far removed from your fanbase?
  6. Oh my gosh finally, this is the best day ever(in Cetus!)
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