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  1. Clanname: it. Platform: PC Rank: CreatorofWorlds (aka Architect) Since this Albums has been created, a lot of new Projects were started that are by now 90% done, however, due to being WIP ill not include them Thanks for taking more time with the judgement in this iteration https://imgur.com/a/NSh9j5n
  2. We get 4 Primes a year. 2018 has seen the Releases of Khora, Revenant and Garuda with the release of another Frame planned for this year, meaning that this year they didnt catch up at all. if we go by last years 3 new Frames, ist still a grant total of 15 years till all Frames have a prime
  3. Special Events with strange modifiers like only Flying enemies or buffed animals? Just say Tactical Alert in PoE/OV. Would totally be a Fan of that, since tacs have become so rare nowadays
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