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  1. Eisdschungel

    Winter 2019 Featured Dojo Contest is Live!

    Clanname: it. Platform: PC Rank: CreatorofWorlds (aka Architect) Since this Albums has been created, a lot of new Projects were started that are by now 90% done, however, due to being WIP ill not include them Thanks for taking more time with the judgement in this iteration https://imgur.com/a/NSh9j5n
  2. Eisdschungel

    Orb themed Warframe Idea.

    Passive: Exists only in tales Hmmm, Sounds like its already in the game
  3. Eisdschungel

    Ideas for new Dojo rooms

    Id rather have more than 3 Inspiration halls then a new One Time usable Room. Hangar sounds great but also like a big room. Since we probably have to research stuff there, a small one would help bigger existing dojos to squezze it in somewhere central
  4. Eisdschungel

    How broken is the Twitch Drop

    Those are the drop rates. These drops helped artifically inflanting viewing numbers quite nicely, dont you Think?
  5. Eisdschungel

    What Is With These Build Requirments For Garuda?

    you Need to be old mate for the heist (which im sure you want to do once you peeps get them). just see Garuda as byprdoct off a Long term preject instead of the main Goal. thats how i saw her and that made getting her much easier. also, if you have a Booster you can mine several days worth of gems in a single sessions
  6. Eisdschungel

    Lets Discuss the Mesa prime accessory pack

    No chance Ill Buy it. Also, aside from the operator stuff, Why does the Frame that profits from having no melee come with a melee dangly cosmetic?
  7. Eisdschungel

    Twitch for people who don't like Twitch?

    And then you get no drops coz your cats decided to rather watch Overwatch instead ^^
  8. Eisdschungel

    It's too big.. (orb Vallis)

    Not sure, but try holding whatever you use to bring up the map for a bit, thats how you get the Complete Open World Map on pc
  9. Eisdschungel

    It's too big.. (orb Vallis)

    If you think ist too big, try to not take it in all at once. Bounties will usually try to direct you to Spots near your position, so unless you chose to travel to the other Side, you should Stay within 1 km of Fortuna. Once you are familiar with that Area, venture further into other Regions. If you go mining, find a Route and never stray from it, since after a few runs youll recognize the caves and know where on the map you are. Also, try to use the mal as much as possible. Felt the same Way at the launch, now i can navigate it without using the map
  10. Eisdschungel

    Always see **** when other players typing chinese

    Nah, yall wrong. Its obviously just a overreacting profanity Filter /s
  11. This Comment harmed them enough that they died all 4 lifes with Primed Regen at once
  12. Eisdschungel

    players got banned for exploiting a bug

    I Think a 15 Year ban is too harsh considering all they d2ie is to Level a few weapons, which can already be instantly fast. For Economy/Game Breaking Bugs id agree, but a bit of xp? Macro cant really be the reason, since binding venari to your scroll wheel did the same. Also, didnt N00b said you need to forma Khora to Pull this Off? So those People had faster leveling, but needed to constantly waste forma to keep it going
  13. Also we shouldnt forget that Warframe is, ans prolly ever will be a buggy mess. I picked up Destiny 2 when it was free Not a long ago, and recently decided to Download it to sef where People comparing them are Coming from (imo not many similarities. Would compare d2 more to Borderlands than warframe) in all my Time spent playing destiny, i didnt Experience a Single Bug. In warframe, i cant even Login into the game without finding one. As much as i think DE deserve an award for this epic product, in its current state id hardly call it a finished product which might have affected the game negativly in the Awards (forever Beta and such things)
  14. Eisdschungel

    On Equinox Prime

    Well she will probably come with a primary and secondary so my guess would be some akpistols due to her duality theme (maybe a Dark and light gun Changing "firemodes" After each shot. Or that have a Gimmick to turn them into the respektive form). The weapons you mentioned are all grineer tech afaik so they wont be primed
  15. Eisdschungel

    No more leveling on onslaught!

    Ehm better places? Havent found anything faster than 5 min and with chroma and decent modding most weapons can hold efficiency for those 5 min. As long as DE doesnt introduce a faster Way to Farm Affinity, People will go there to Farm. If you only Play ESO for the Maximum focus gain, i would suggest picking a Presse squad. My focus gains with clanmates are about 50 - 100% higher than with pugs Personally, if it wouldnt be Good for leveling thered be no reason for me to play that glorified survival, since i prefer hunting eidolons for focus