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  1. Will the current simulacrum ever get a rework? there are some stuff that really needs to be pointed out. It is supposed to be a combat range in which players can test the limits of the warframe as well as various gear items. as well as the recent changes on various parts of the game has made me wonder this. will the game ever.... >Let players change the tiles according to what they need for testing? >Let players slow down time inside simulacrum according to their needs? >Let players create custom enemies on a base enemy model for testing with customizations which can be armor values,health pools, enemy abilities, attack powers,etc? >Let players have free cam inside simulacrum for stats like how much multishot can affect a weapon and visual stats along the way( this will be different from captura as we will still have a chance to get the current or default simulacrum tile which helps in seeing weapon projectiles) >Let players access the Mods section (the community has been asking this for a while) having the ability access the mods and the ability to upgrade them while being inside simulacrum will help a ton. >Let players change operator gear customizations? operators are a basic part of warframe after being in the game for so long and being in a supportive role at the same time not being tied to any warframe ability it should only be logical that the players can access operator gear inside simulacrum. >Let players have specific spawn zones for enemies inside tiles so they can simulate actual mission scenarios if they needed. In short i'm asking will players ever have the true experience of what a simulating system should be.
  2. Q: All about the itzal situation? the archwing and the ability itself is currently the most efficient way to get around in open world maps + the fact that one of its abilities literally lets you pick up loot which is what warframe is about. as a player who really enjoys just the mobility itzal provides id like to know whats gonna happen to it pls dont do it bad and nerf blink 😞
  3. selling tatsu for 1400p (not as an unrolled riven) the stats are good and tested out selling redeemer for 2000p(again not as an unrolled) you can DM me here or in game or even discord ign:-DividerPrime discord:- DividerPrime#2065 🙂 gonna keep this thread up till i sell these
  4. ok idk if someone reads this or not but me and my buddies were discussing about the nightwave update. since in the last prime time reb said that night wave gonna be a pirate-esqe radio for alerts i have a suggestion to make which the community might like too 🙂 since its supposed to be a radio how about we actually get a radio as for in game too(not the scanner) like an actual radio which might use custom soundtracks of freeware audios out there. i believe vaporwave would be a perfect genre for warframe if this gets implemented. im just attaching some clips for a clear view on what can be added for the music 🙂 hope DE actually sees this and replies
  5. pls no animation locks like those with stagger resists
  6. you telling me that this was a bug all this time and not some part of the corruption from the void fissures?!?!?!?!?!
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